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أفضل برنامج لتعديل الصور على الموبايل - 5 خطوات | Best Photo Editing App - Snapseed (5 Steps)

أفضل برنامج لتعديل الصور على الموبايل - 5 خطوات | Best Photo Editing App - Snapseed (5 Steps)
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    Today we will learn some photo editing secrets & tips by mobile phone
    So we end up with stunning & amazing photos
    & we will convert any normal photo to something "WOW"
    We reached a time where we see famous people photos
    Social media famous people
    المؤثرين، الفاشونيستا، والموديلز
    Their photos are so beautiful!
    So is there really such beautiful people in life?
    Or our beauty is just bellow average?
    Now we even doubt our own simple natural beauty!
    Is this, in summary, because of plastic surgeries, & extra makeup?
    Or even because of photo editing?
    I'm not going to talk about plastic surgery or makeup, but I will talk about photo editing in this video.
    Because I see it as one of the most important elements that transfer a normal photo to a beautiful flawless one.
    Before a very short period.. One of the most famous models worldwide
    The model, Taylor Hill.
    That has over 12 million followers on Instagram!
    She shared a very simple photo.
    She shared a photo of her face without any makeup & without any digital photo editing
    At the end she looks so natural.
    Her face is full of acne. Teen acne, which we all had & suffered with at certain point in life.
    People were shocked! Howcome one of the most beautiful models is just so natural & simply looks like us
    She suffers from skin problems.
    & her unedited photos are considered so normal!
    At the end, what I want to say is, photos editing plays a significant role on the photos we see online!
    Don't let the photos fool you!
    Or don't let models photos make you feel depressed or that you are less beautiful than others.
    In this video, we will focus on photo editing, & I will show you the best editing app for mobile phones
    I will teach you how to use it, & I will show you the steps I do before I share any photo online!
    First step, to download the app that we will be work on
    Its name is, Snapseed.
    It's a free app for iPhone & Android
    Okay! We will start explaining the app
    & I'll put a large screen here so you could follow me step by step
    First, when we open the app, we will get this plus sign! Click on it!
    & it will let me choose the photo I want to edit!
    So I will choose a photo today. For this video, I chose this one here!
    First thing, the app will give me automatic editing options.
    I choose any of them!
    Portrait, is for editing people photos
    Smooth, is going to make your skin softer.
    We are not going to use any of those options! Press X
    & we will go to Tools
    It will show me all the tools of the app
    The first tool we are going to use is Tune Image!
    By this tool, I could edit the light & colors of the photo.
    This app is nice & so easy
    Any tool I choose, I simply press on the photo & move up or down to show all the options of it & choose one
    I stopped on the word Shadows
    After that, if I moved to the right, I'm increasing the effect!
    If I move to the left, I'm decreasing the effect!
    So I will go, right, right, tight, till I reach the number +70 for example.
    In summary, the word Shadows, the more I increase it, the more it's going to show me lost dark photo details
    So now I chose the value +70. By that it showed some lost dark details of the shirt
    & some dark details of the hair.
    Another word I love here is, Ambience.
    or it means the surroundings light.
    or the photo environment.
    As I increase the effect here, it will increase the photo lighting and colors in a simple pretty way!
    For example, I will choose the value +40 here. It suits the image beautifully.
    Press on the photo to compare the before & after.
    I feel we increase the lighting & colors in a beautiful & simple way.
    Press the tick bellow.
    The second tool is, Healing.
    This tool will help me clean the skin & remove any unwanted image parts.
    In summary, using it is so simple.
    I zoom in using 2 fingers.
    Even if I wanted to move up or down, I always press with 2 fingers as well.
    I reach the spot that I want to clean & remove.
    All I have to do is to draw on it by one finger.
    It will disappear in a beautiful way without leaving any trace.
    I move within the photo & clean different spots.
    I draw on them by one finger, and move by 2 fingers.
    & I zoom out when I finish. & press the tick bellow.
    The next tool, which is for me the most amazing one in this app. its name is, Portrait.
    Once I click on it, it will give me automatic options bellow.
    There is one called Spotlight, which will simply increase the lighting on the face.
    We have something called, Smooth, it will soften the face
    There is something called, Eye, it will give the eyes sharp details.
    There is Eye1, Eye2...
    Last thing is the, Combo.
    Which adds all the 3 effects, increasing the face lighting, softening the face, & sharpening the eye details.
    We have Combo 3 at the end, the strongest.
    & of course any option I choose, I could click on the image & move up or down to control the effect as usual
    Eye clarity, that will sharpen the eyes details
    I'll go right to increase it.
    I go to the left to decrease it. Let's increase it here.
    If I go to skin smoothing, the more I move to the right the softer the face will be!
    & as I move to the left the effect is decreased.
    Let's soften the face more.
    Increase the eyes details
    We go to the spotlight, & increase the face lighting.
    Let's increase it as well. So it gets more attention.
    & I will press the tick bellow.
    We see before & after.
    The effect is so amazing already, just after 3 tools.
    The next tool, is my favorite, its name is, Grainy Film.
    It gives me automatic options.
    I feel those effects are similar to old film cameras looks
    It will increase or edit the colors in a way that make it similar to an old film camera image.
    & I love anything classic, so I always love to choose one of those options.
    For example, I love those colors
    A bit blue.
    We have for example, this one is beautiful as well.
    Also, I could, under Style Strength, decrease the effect. By going to the left a bit.
    There is something called grain here. Or it is the small dots on the photo.
    See as I increase it..
    The photo became a bit noisy and looks more old.
    This effect is widely used in social media these days.
    I won't apply it much here.
    I will choose a value of +25 for example.
    & will keep the Style Strength on +25 too.
    Before & After. Simple effect, but beautiful.
    So we finished & saw the before & after of the image!
    But to be honest, I don't see that the photo needed much editing from the beginning.
    So I decided that I will go back to the beginning of the video
    & take the model Taylor Hill's photo.
    Because it looked as if it needs a lot of editing!
    Now we learned the basics of editing, so I won't repeat them!
    I will only take the photo & apply all what we learned on it so quickly. So by 1 minute I'll be done!
    & all you have to do is to watch those fast forwarded steps
    & see the final result!
    So I chose this image here.
    I will start editing it.
    First thing we go to Tune Image
    Increase the Ambience light a bit
    decrease the shadows as we learned
    Then I move to the Healing tool, the most important one!
    We zoom in as much as possible & remove all unwanted annoying spots.
    Try to focus. & zoom in!
    Don't touch any wrong spots, like clean skin parts.
    If I touched a wrong spot, press undo immediately and continue working.
    Then we go to Portrait.
    Portrait, is one of the most beautiful filters.
    Always choose combo 3.
    Increase the spotlight as possible
    Increase skin smoothing as possible.
    Eye Clarity increase the eye details as possible.
    wow, the photo is already stunning!
    wow .. wow. woooow!
    The photo is amazing!
    We go to tools again.
    Grainy Film
    we choose one of those films, that holds pretty colors
    Reduce the effect
    This is nice!
    We are done already! See the photo!
    This is After
    This is before.
    Within 1 minute, we cleaned the face from acne, and unwanted spots
    We edited the colors & lighting.
    & made an amazing photo out of it! That deserve pondering!
    By this, we have explained how to use the app Snapseed to edit the photos by mobile phones!
    & I'm waiting to see your edited photos
    Your amazing photos, that is going to break the social media!
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