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    So use this about twice a day on my belly everyone since today's video
    I'm going to be sharing with you guys some of the things I'm using now that I'm pregnant
    My vitamins my pregnancy pillow and so on also in this video
    I'm going to be answering some of the questions that have been getting so far if you guys have any more questions
    Definitely leave them down below and I will definitely do a part two to this. Let's get right into this
    So a lot of you guys have been wondering what prenatal vitamins am I taking right now? So what I'm taking
    Right now I was actually taking another one which I'll show it to you guys
    but the one that I'm taking right now is the first response prenatal multivitamin with folic acid and
    This is what it looks like. I have the choco one because I prefer chewable
    I'm not the best when it comes to swallowing pills no matter what size shape whatever
    I'm not the best especially being pregnant if you guys haven't watched my pregnancy updates you guys know that I was gagging a lot
    I'm storing up very easily even when brushing my teeth
    It was very hard for me to brush my teeth properly without gagging so having to swallow a pill now
    Made it a thousand times worse. So I was like forget it. I'm not taking any pills. So I switched over to
    gummy vitamins
    so let me show you the capsule that I was using before or I think I took like one and
    I just gave up so said a brand that I was using was by Nestle and it is called materna and
    I like I said, I probably only you took one of these and then I said forget it
    So it actually has a hundred tablets prenatal multivitamin
    and this is one that was recommended by my doctor and
    Yeah, so just what it looks like
    I I might as well just give it to someone else because I am NOT going to take this this was retailing for about
    16 dollars. I was able to find it at Walmart for $14 here in Canada
    Of course, if you live in the States, you definitely better probably find it a little bit cheaper and also on Amazon
    I think they have it a little bit cheaper as well
    I made sure to stock up and I got myself two other ones because I am kind of running out of this one
    I probably have about ten more in here you get ninety gummies
    And I take two a day so you should take this with my breakfast
    Also to let you guys know it is a lemon orange flavor and it tastes pretty good
    so it does taste good which is a plus because I hate pills or gummies that taste like
    Garbage, so it actually does taste pretty good
    And now that I just said that I just remembered that I was taking another one before I found those ones I was actually taking
    This one by Jameson. It's the prenatal
    Cranberry apple so I was taking this first before I found the first response one
    I completely forgot and this one has 62 little tablets, but this does not taste good
    I honestly hated taking this I dreaded taking this but I didn't know about the first response one
    So I just kind of just you know kept taking it until I came across that one. I probably have another twenty tablets in here
    Shouldn't we said I should honestly just take it but I don't like the smell of it. I like the taste of it
    I don't like wasting things so I may just pass it on to
    Someone else it does expire next year next summer. So just pass it on to
    Someone so those are the prenatal vitamins that I have been taking
    I really love the first response was if you are good at taking
    Pills definitely go ahead and take the pill one with the pill form. You usually won't you have to take one
    But what gummies sometimes you have to take two or three?
    just because they have less vitamins in the wine and gummy if some of you guys were wondering if I was
    anemic, or if I was taking any other medication
    So my doctor did actually tell me at six weeks. I did blood work and urine and all that my results came back and
    Unfortunately, my iron is low. It should be a lot better now now that I am taking iron
    But because it was on the lower end
    My doctor did recommend for me to take some iron pills, and these are the ones that she recommended
    It's called gem fur, and I don't know if you can find this in like your local, you know, Walmart or anything
    But I actually got this at the pharmacy so it's just a small bottle
    It looks like this and there are 30 capsules in it. So I did take this I probably had about four
    I have about four left and I actually stopped taking this because it is in a pill form and I hate taking pills
    So I she switched over to a liquid
    so this is the one that I was taking before and I mean
    I always kind of knew that my iron was on the lower end
    But it was never this low to the point that I had to actually take medication for it
    So it kind of explains why I was so tired in my first trimester
    so after taking iron
    I definitely noticed a huge difference in how I felt. I wasn't as tired towards taking the iron
    I was taking multiple naps throughout the day, but now I pretty much have full energy all day long
    I no longer take this one. Nothing was wrong with it. It didn't make me constipated or anything
    I know I had a friend who was wondering about that if my iron makes me constipated and no it does not thankfully
    So the one that I switched over to is the palaver it's an iron therapy
    Suspension it's in the cherry flavor. And this actually tastes really nice
    I like this and it has
    100 ml and I just take a teaspoon a day and I usually have it with orange juice
    The doctor recommended for me to take away that orange juice and I usually have it at lunch time
    this is actually my second model of this and I really do like it and
    Doctor said I only need to take iron for about three months
    And then she's going to reassess me and see how I'm doing
    See how my iron levels are and hopefully I can come off the iron. We'll see. Oh, yeah, so it just comes in a
    Bottle a glass bottle actually, and I just take a tea spoon
    So now on to some of the questions that you guys have been taxing so pregnancy vlogs
    I know if you guys want to see a little bit more into my life with this whole pregnancy
    I do weekly updates here where I kind of just to wrap up the week and share it with you guys
    So if you guys want a deeper look into what's going on with a pregnancy, you can definitely follow me on the vlog Channel
    That's where you guys will actually see the baby on a regular basis
    you will get to come to appointments with us and
    You can see us going shopping for the baby stuff like that and getting a nursery ready
    The more exciting stuff is on that channel. This channel will just have updates
    So the next question is due date
    When is the baby due I haven't shared the exact date yet, and I'm still not going to share it just yet
    But the baby is due in February. A lot of you guys have been learning about the gender
    Do we know and a lot of you guys have been saying that we know we're just kind of keeping it to ourselves
    But no, we do not know the gender. I'm not at that point yet where I'm going to find out the gender
    I will tell you guys what we kind of are hoping for either sex is fine
    But both my fiance and I and I want to say almost everyone is team girl
    So a lot of you guys were mourning about gender reveals, are we going to do one?
    Yes, we are going to do a gender reveal and that will probably happen sometime next month
    And of course, we will try our best to vlog it
    I don't know if my fianc and I will be able to actually do it with Romy. We're gonna be pretty busy that day
    But I will try to get someone to get some type of footage but yes
    It will be vlog for you guys and that will happen on
    The vlog Channel not on this channel put the vlog Channel
    So I've been getting so many questions and so many comments about appeal box online baby registry
    I know a lot of you guys are really excited and like to send us gifts for the baby
    I did go ahead and set up a online baby registry. I set up on Amazon, but it's private right now
    I will share with you guys. Once we know the gender. I'm still working on the PIO box
    I will definitely give you guys an update once everything is finalized
    I also have been getting questions about an online baby shower
    I don't think I will do that
    But I will come back after the baby shower is over and shared with you guys everything that we did receive for the baby
    I will also share hauls on items that you guys sent in for the baby
    I'm not too sure which channel that will be on just yet. It may be on the vlog channel. Maybe on this channel
    I'm not sure yet. It is kind of beauty related. So it might be here
    But again, I will let you guys know we will vlog the baby shower
    I don't know if Dee and I will be the ones doing it but someone will definitely vlog it for us
    So you guys want to know if we have picked the baby's name?
    We don't know the gender
    But we do have two names in mind one for a boy and one for a girl. I left mission the names just yet
    But I definitely will share it once a gender has been revealed. So finally the last question is how many babies do we want?
    It's kind of hard to say just yet because we haven't had one yet
    It's still in the oven
    But Dee and I have spoken about it a few times at first before I even met Dee years and years ago
    I had always said I just wanted
    and then
    You know a few years went by and I kind of thought about it and said I don't really want to my child to be
    The only child I would like them to have you know
    a sibling and have someone to play with so I had decided before I met Dee that I was going to
    Mmm settle for two and then of course when I met deep we spoke about it
    and he had said three and I was saying two we kind of went back and forth and we're like
    You know what?
    Let's just agree on something and we had agreed on two
    But of course you don't really know what you're gonna do until after you have them
    So who knows? We may just have one who may just have two. We may just have five
    I don't know, but I'm sticking with -
    Dee is okay with two three is the maximum number as some of you guys are probably wondering about
    Stretch marks and stuff. What am I using? So pretty much what i'm using? I'm just using shea butter
    So I actually picked this one up at a local farmers market and it's by love africa project
    It is just a hundred percent shea butter. It's the yellow one
    So you don't have to go out and try to you know struggle and find this one. You just need a hundred percent shea butter
    It can be the white one. It could be the yellow one
    Personally using the yellow one because that's what they had and I kind of just wanted to support their their cause so what I did
    Was I actually added some oils to this? I went ahead and added olive oil and I also added grapeseed oil
    Those are the only two oils that I have in here so far. I definitely need to go ahead and add my bio oil
    Vitamin E oil. You can do your own research and figure out what are the best oils for stretch marks?
    Those are the three that I came across that are really good for stretch marks
    So if you want to use the same ones you definitely can I didn't take any measurements or anything
    I don't have an exact recipe to share
    I kind of just eyeballed it and support it in and just mix it up with a spoon
    So use this about twice a day on my belly
    I use it after I shower in the morning and then I use it again at night before I go to bed
    so I just add about
    Maybe a quarter size amount to my hands melts it down in my hands and then just rub it all over my belly
    Get it into like my belly button area down to the pelvis
    Up under my boobs. Like I I really kind of like work it in there
    You can also use this on your hips. If you're prone to getting stretch marks on your hips your thighs your your boobs. I
    Definitely should start doing that as well because my boobs are getting bigger
    But to be honest, my stomach is the only place that has been very itchy
    But ever since I started using this, my stomach has not been itchy at all
    So the last thing I want to share with you guys is my pregnancy pillow that D my fiance purchased for me
    He actually surprised me with it came over
    Probably about a month ago and he brought this big old pregnancy pillow for me. So here is my pregnancy pillow
    It's kind of rolled up and you can't really see it
    but it's pretty much the one that is kind of shaped in the letter C and
    There's a few different ways that you can use this you can go online and see all the different positions
    You want to try you kind of want to try them all out and see which one works for you?
    at night I pretty much rotate between two different ones where my belly is facing the curve of the C and then
    Or sometimes my belly is facing the other direction. So
    Try it out see which one works for you everyone's body is different
    Clothing. I have not bought any maternity clothes
    I have bought some nice loose sweaters camisoles that have the built in bras because the bras like normal bras with underwire
    I really bother me and make me nauseous. I just purchase regular clothing just in a bigger size. So like a size large
    That's that's just loose-fitting for me because I don't want to be uncomfortable and I don't really want to buy pregnancy
    Clothing just yet just because I'm I'm not at that size where I need to buy that stuff just yet
    Things have been pretty good so far
    If you guys have any questions
    leave them down below if you're not subscribed make sure you are make sure you subscribe to the vlog Channel because you'll be seeing a
    Lot more baby stuff on there. We're gonna start to get the nursery ready very soon
    If you enjoyed this video give me a thumbs up and I'll see you guys in the next one
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