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Learn How to Trade Stock Options, Stocks, ETFs [Beginner Strategy Tutorial]

Learn How to Trade Stock Options, Stocks, ETFs [Beginner Strategy Tutorial]
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    learn how to trade option stocks and
    ETFs my name is David Jaffee I make
    around a $1 million dollars a year by
    trading stock options. I own I graduated from an Ivy
    League university worked for five years
    as an investment banker and have
    completed around $% billion to $10 billion
    dollars worth the transactions. I'm also,
    in my opinion, one of the best traders in
    the world and my goal is to help you. So
    the reality is that you're watching this
    video because you want to make money so
    I'm going to try to keep things as
    simple as possible the one thing that I
    want you to guard against is you should
    not try to modify and improve upon my
    strategy I have very bad OCD I am
    maniacal and fanatical about being the
    best trader possible and constantly
    improving myself if you don't believe
    what I tell you then that's completely
    okay but I would recommend that you try
    if you have to try to modify it you
    should set up two accounts and trade
    exactly how I tell you to and then try
    to improve upon what I tell you and make
    modifications to what I tell you you
    will find out in every single instance
    that the modifications that you make
    over the long term are going to hurt
    your returns so I'm not trying to be
    arrogant I put in the work all right
    like I am crazy about improving myself
    in trading and the reality is that if
    you listen to everything that I tell you
    you will become a successful and
    profitable trader so how does trade
    stock options ETFs and all the other
    stuff the reality is that you should
    only be trading stock options and you
    should only be selling stock options or
    all those people who tell you to buy
    stock options they are not successful in
    profitable traders they don't post their
    trading statements they don't post all
    of their trades by self by showing you a
    screen recording of their fill
    transaction history from inside their
    alright so let's keep things simple you
    want to sell naked options and you want
    to sell put options put options if you
    only sell naked put options then you can
    achieve and earn 50% every single year
    now if you have a really tiny account
    maybe instead of trading negative
    instead of trading naked put options
    you'll have to trade some vertical
    credit spreads that's totally okay
    I prefer naked options because it gives
    you the maximum amount of premium it's
    very easy to roll and manage the
    position in the 5% of cases when you're
    the stock will actually fall below the
    strike price and also it inherently
    protects you from being greedy because
    it reduces your buying power so you're
    not going to trade to many contracts
    alright so we're going to trade naked
    put options that's how you're gonna make
    money in the stock up forget everything
    else don't even follow anything else
    right someone tells you penny stocks
    futures technical analysis screw that
    shit it's just gonna waste your time
    you're gonna lose money next what you
    want to do is you want it you want to
    put together a watch list and your watch
    list should have a maximum of 10 market
    leaders right that have that are very
    large companies that have a lot of
    liquidity for example Facebook Amazon
    Boeing Lockheed Martin Goldman Sachs
    um Activision you know you can use like
    Activision ttwo even though ttwo is a
    lot smaller what else I mean PayPal is
    fine I like that you know for a lot ki
    you can also look at Raytheon but that's
    that's pretty much it you know maybe you
    want to add like Visa but really the
    more securities that you add, the more
    risk that you're taking because I can
    tell you that the only ones that I would
    100% always have a position in our
    Facebook Amazon Boeing and Lockheed
    that's pretty much it I would say I have
    a position 80% of the time in Goldman in
    one of the gaming stocks I have a
    position maybe 50% of the time I'd
    rarely ever have a position in Visa but
    that's pretty much it and I have a
    multi-million dollar account so the
    reality is that if you have you
    you have an account that's 100 million
    dollars you can make a shitload of money
    by just simply trading Facebook Amazon
    Boeing and Lockheed Martin that's it the
    best for Security's right there and then
    maybe you know for the rest of time
    you'll have one position on whether it's
    that old man or being stock or PayPal so
    what we do is Facebook right now is
    trading at around 175 we assess its
    trading range over the past one or two
    months or you know just let's say like
    the past month or so over the past month
    has been trading like between $180 and
    $170 so we would then wait for Facebook
    to fall down to around 172 then we would
    sell a naked put option for around one
    hundred and fifty eight dollars in
    exchange we'll collect around one
    hundred one dollar and 20 cents a share
    therefore our net amount of premium
    receive or rather our net break-even
    cost for this will be one six 156 and 80
    cents but that doesn't really even come
    into factor because you're gonna keep
    this dollar 20 per share or $120 per
    contract literally like 98% of the time
    so your break-even cost really doesn't
    matter I don't even like factor that in
    when I make a trade I know I don't take
    that much risk like all the people who
    tell you that trading naked options is
    inherently risky I can tell you that
    there is never a situation where it's
    better to go long on stock than it is to
    sell a naked option never so all those
    people who tell you that selling and
    trading naked options are risky they are
    not profitable traders you shouldn't
    even listen to them all right let's do
    haven't onscreen all over the place
    let's do lucky as an example all right
    so Lockheed has been trading at around
    320 over the past few weeks its trading
    range has been 310 and then it's traded
    up to around 325 in this situation what
    I would do is I would wait for Lockheed
    to fall to around 312 then I would sell
    a naked put option on Lockheed Martin
    with a strike price of around 295 and I
    would sell it to make sure that it
    expires around 6 weeks in the future in
    exchange they would probably pay me
    around between dollar eighty and 220 all
    right so I would sell a strike at
    tonight let's say so right now Lockheed
    Martin is selling is trading at 320 I
    would wait for it to fall to around 312
    and I would sell in a good put option
    with a strike of 295 that expires six
    weeks in the future I would collect
    anywhere from 180 to 220 so let's say
    like two bucks per contract and that
    would pay me - two dollars rather per
    share that would then pay me $200 per
    contract and this train will be
    profitable around 98% of the time all
    um the only bad thing with now let's do
    Amazon as well the only thing with
    Amazon is surrounded two thousand
    dollars stock so with Amazon I would
    actually trade a vertical because I I
    want to reduce the buying power
    reduction so Amazon right now has been
    it's trading at around 2000 it's gone up
    a lot so I would actually wait for
    Amazon I know that over the past two
    weeks has gone up from like 1,800 to
    2,000 so to be honest I would wait for
    Amazon to fall to like 1850 and then I
    would sell a put with a strike price of
    around 1650 that expires around six
    weeks out and then to reduce the buying
    power reduction with the same expiration
    I would actually buy a put option with a
    strike price of around 1500 all right
    that would probably pay me let's say
    probably get around three dollars and
    fifty cents for this maybe four dollars
    and for this I think the pain probably
    around dollar seventy-five so I probably
    end up getting around the dollar
    seventy-five in you know a net premium
    for this trade and it would effectively
    by selling a vertical it would
    effectively turn Amazon into instead of
    a sixteen hundred and fifty dollars who
    would turn it into a hundred and fifty
    dollar stock
    I don't like trading verticals but in in
    this I was on a situation I would just
    because there's so much buying power
    that's going to be used up by trading a
    naked option like you know when you sell
    a position with a $1600 strike price so
    again this is how you
    money in the stock market it's very
    simple wash rinse repeat
    don't try to modify it this is how I
    make a million dollars a year by trading
    stock options you can go to the best
    stocks try to keep calm and sign up and
    receive four hundred dollars worth of
    free training you can also sign up for
    the only legitimate real-time trade
    alerts all of my students make money and
    please like share subscribe leave a
    comment I respond to everyone once again
    this is David Jaffee from and if you have any questions
    I'm here to help you thank you
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