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    g'day welcome to the simple cooking
    Char today I'm going to show you how
    to make orange Donuts
    these are so easy so many so orangey
    let's go and 1 cup of self-raising flour
    1/2 a cup of sugar 1/2 a cup of milk 1/4
    of a cup of oil I use extra virgin olive
    oil you can use any oil you like
    preferably not motor oil 1 egg 2
    teaspoons of vanilla extract
    then you can orange and squeeze the
    juice from half of one and put in the
    tablespoon of orange zest now mix this
    together now get some orange food gel
    just swirl it around just add as much as
    you want to get a nice orange vibrancy
    now get a plastic ziplock bag which you
    put some sugar put some sugar in it get
    a little bit of the food gel the orange
    one put it in there seal it and shake it
    there you go
    orange putting as much or as little as
    you want you want it to be exactly the
    same color as the diner just wait until
    the doughnuts done to match it I get you
    the doughnut maker if you don't have one
    of these and they're really cheap but am
    I going to be fifteen or twenty dollars
    I can't remember they won't this wasn't
    much if not you can put these in the
    oven for 12 minutes if not use this
    takes about three to four just give it a
    spray with some oil and then put in and
    how we wait and then Bob's your uncle
    oh yeah look at that
    now get the doughnut dip it in that Oh
    well I hope you like these now that made
    thirty of this size I'll try this one
    thank you very much
    holy flaming Lehman it was so good don't
    forget you can get the recipe card for
    this video just go down into the
    description click on the link and Bob's
    your uncle see you next time
    for my next meal
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