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How to get Bouncy Hair | Vani Bhojan's Hair Secret #Signature

How to get Bouncy Hair | Vani Bhojan's Hair Secret #Signature
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    Hi. Thank you for your response to the last two videos
    This time, I'll talk about an issue equally important to girls as makeup - Hair.
    Not much, but a small tip for trying
    My hair is straight and silky
    Even after a wash and no conditioner, they are silky.
    That's the problem, for I love bouncy hair but my hair fall flat.
    Bouncy hair make you look better, even if you have healthy hair.
    I like to do back combing and have lost lot of hair due to that .
    So don't do that. It damages your hair
    Instead, you can use a Heat Protector (Toni & Guy)
    Why, I'll tell you now!
    Take this part first and clip it.
    This is a crimper (Ikonic product)
    The crimper has power and temperature buttons here.
    To get bouncy hair, this is what I do
    Can crimp from top as well but it'll look too bouncy, voluminous and difficult to manage.
    Clip off this section first.
    Then, leave these strands without crimp.
    Take only this part and crimp it.
    Whether you use straightener or not, make sure to use heat protector.
    Without applying heat protector, don't use a straightener or curler.
    My favourite hairstylist she taught me this tip. (Thank you Rachel).
    The crimped hair will be rarely visible.
    You can see the difference.
    This side of hair is flat. The other side is bouncy
    This gives the same effect as back combing
    Personally I don't prefer back comb.
    If you don't get this machine you can do back comb but...
    ...make sure to apply oil and take that back comb off.
    To take off that don't pull , it may damage your hair
    Be careful in using this straightening machine
    Be careful while using straightener or curler...
    ...and be patient.
    Be careful of burning your hand even if you are experienced in its use.
    I use ikonic brand crimper... quite durable.
    If you want bouncy hair quickly, use this crimper rather than back combing.
    Back combing gives similar results but damages hair.
    Many people have lost their hair due to back combing.
    Before crimping use heat protector, any brand.
    Keep it handy while straightening or curling your hair.
    Your hair won't get damaged.
    Do apply coconut oil twice a week, whether you straighten hair or not.
    Use a good shampoo and conditioner for shiny hair.
    I hope you liked the hair makeover using this crimper.
    Thank you, for the great feedback for previous videos.
    For now, I'm sharing the tips I know.
    We shall soon meet a lot of experts - hairstylists, stylists, makeup artists, even doctors.
    Lots more to come, so stay tuned!
    Can't wait to share it all with you!
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    Love doing all this for you all!
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