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How to Bench Press Safely Without a Spotter (7 Simple Tips)

How to Bench Press Safely Without a Spotter (7 Simple Tips)
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    if you want to avoid being one of those
    bench press fail videos on YouTube then
    you need to watch this video
    hey everyone its Anandfrom underdog
    strength account and in this video I'm
    going through seven ways have you can
    bench press safely without a spotter now
    as a coach I recommend that most people
    should be using a spotter but not always
    and this is because the quality of
    spotters differs from person to person
    in fact if you go to commercial gyms
    you'll only find bad quality spotters
    you know people you might have seen them
    that even though you tell them not to
    touch the bar they're still gonna start
    touching the bar or assisting you when
    you're just slowing down a little bit
    since that's the case you're probably
    better off not using a spotter at all in
    fact that's one of the reasons why I
    don't use a spotter because most of the
    times these days I'm training alone by
    myself you know it's mostly like late
    night waiting so they usually aren't
    other difference around and even if
    there's someone around there they really
    don't know how to spot you so for the
    sake of consistency whether I'm training
    or in competition I don't use part of
    most of the time so here are the seven
    things you can do to benchpress safely
    and effectively without a spotter the
    first thing you can do if you have the
    right equipment is to use a squat rack
    or a power cage and Bend benchpress
    inside of that now again I understand a
    lot of you might be training at
    commercial gyms where they might not
    even have a proper squat rack and if you
    if you have a squat rack they usually
    have only like a one squat rack which is
    usually occupied and if this is the case
    then you definitely have to respect
    whoever wants to squat inside the squat
    rack because you know that's the
    ultimate purpose of it but if it's free
    then you can go ahead and use it this is
    because a squat rack or pockets usually
    has safeties on the side that are
    adjustable and the best thing about this
    is if you want to fail or if you were to
    drop the weight then the weights gonna
    drop on the safeties and not on your
    body but the key thing to keep in mind
    is that you have to keep the safety
    height at the correct level because if
    you set it up too high then you not
    gonna be able to bring it down all the
    way to your chest and if it's too low
    then it's not going to catch the weight
    in case you fail so the correct height
    possible is probably about an inch or so
    above your chest and that is like the
    perfect level there in case you were to
    fail you can still rest the barbell on
    on the safeties and get out of there if
    you want to also keep in mind that if
    you use in adjust your rack make sure
    that the actual rack height is set to
    the correct level you don't want the
    rack height to be so high that you have
    to strung do it just in order to unwrap
    the bar and at the same time the black
    height shouldn't be so low that you have
    to bench press the weight just to unwrap
    the bar because both of these will
    actually put your shoulders in a
    slightly dangerous position in case
    you're not able to run rack or even rack
    the bar again properly it's just gonna
    fall on you and you want to avoid this
    at all costs the second thing you can do
    is to bench press with an arch and you
    may have seen power lifters using this
    technique and you don't have to have an
    extreme arch but just for the sake of
    shoulder safety I recommend everyone to
    slightly arch the back when the bench
    pressing because especially when you're
    using a rat have it safeties with when
    you arching you can keep your chest a
    little bit higher then you would if you
    were just matching like flat back and
    what this would allow you to do is it's
    gonna allow you to adjust your your
    chest height based on your safety height
    and if you wanna film all you have to do
    is just collapse an arch you know just
    flatten your back and the weight will
    then rest on the safeties so benching
    with an arch is not only safer for your
    shoulders and will allow you to lift
    more weight but it can also be safer
    especially if you mention with a power
    rack with safeties on the side because
    if you feel all you have to do is
    collapse at arts just flatten your back
    and the weight will be resting on the
    safeties if you set it up correctly the
    third thing you can do to benchpress
    safely without a spotter is to not use
    weight collars now usually people
    recommend that you use collars to
    prevent the weights from sliding around
    and this is FA a true but if you're
    benching by itself and for the sake of
    safety it's probably not a good idea to
    have collars because in case you get
    stuck and you have no
    help you the weight will also be stuck
    on the barbell and there's no way you
    can remove it quickly whereas if you
    were not using any collars and it in
    case you failed all you have to do is
    dump the weight to one side and then
    whichever side you dump it the actual
    weight plates will start sliding off
    your barbell and then this is gonna make
    it easier for you get out of it so don't
    use any weight collars if your
    bench-pressing alone the fourth thing
    you can do is to use wrist wraps and if
    you have no idea about wrist straps or
    how to use them then I just recently
    made a video on this and I'll leave a
    link to that in the description below or
    you can click over here to check it out
    but what wrist wraps do is first of all
    they protect your wrist and they help
    you bench press in a straight line the
    other thing that they do is they
    especially if you put on the wrist strap
    with a closed fist it's gonna make it
    very hard for you for your fist to open
    up because it's gonna tighten and
    prevent those muscles in your forearms
    that actually help with opening a fist
    so your your grip itself is going to be
    very secure but the other thing is
    especially if there's a lot of movement
    and you're unwrapping the bar and in
    case you know your your wrist starts to
    move there's a chance that that the
    weight is gonna fall on you because you
    know your restaurant that's stable but
    with a wrist strap you're gonna be able
    to keep your wrist solid straight and
    stable so at least your wrist won't
    failed and that won't be the reason why
    you feel the bench press so use wrist
    straps whenever possible the fifth thing
    you should do is use a proper full grip
    on the barbell and what I mean by that
    is you want to avoid using a false grip
    at all cost a false grip is simply also
    known as a thumbless script but you're
    not actually gripping the bar you just
    dressing the bar on your palms and this
    is known as a suicide grip for a reason
    and this is extremely dangerous and if
    if you unless you use a squat rack you
    definitely don't want to attempt this
    because there's been so many cases where
    even the most advanced people can have
    this half the weight slip on them and
    even if you use them the best spotter
    again I would not advise you to use this
    technique because even a supporter will
    not be able to save you because the
    weights is gonna freefall onto your
    chest so avoid using a false grip and
    make sure that you're putting your
    thumbs around the bar and using a proper
    grip the sixth thing you can do is you
    wanna unwrap the bar when the barbell is
    about eye level and what I mean by that
    is when you lay on the bench and when
    you're before even before you unwrap the
    bar you want to make sure that the
    barbell is directly over your your your
    vision or your eyes and because if you
    unpack tomorrow and if it's too high up
    above its gonna make it very dangerous
    and you have to put in a lot of effort
    to just bring it down and at the same
    time if it's too low below your eye
    level it's it's probably gonna interfere
    when you're trying to bench because when
    you try to bench press back up you're
    gonna head end up hitting the the the
    racks and you definitely want don't want
    that so make sure that the barbell is
    aligned to your eye level before you
    unwrap it the seventh thing that I like
    to do all the time is you want to unpack
    the bar with your butt off the bench and
    primarily if you're gonna arch your body
    is in contact with the bench at two
    separate spots the first spot is your
    upper back which is resting on the bench
    and then also your butt and according to
    the rules of powerlifting you have to
    have your butt resting on the bench at
    all the time but if you want to unwrap
    the bar then you can unpack the bar with
    your butt off the bench and the reason
    why I recommend this is as you can see
    in this video I'm unpacking with my butt
    off the bench but when I'm bringing the
    weight back forward to my starting
    position I'm not moving it with my hands
    or my arms you see when when I unwrap it
    with my butt off the bench
    I'm simply then bringing my butt to the
    bench and along with that my entire body
    including my upper body and my arms are
    coming down together and this actually
    keeps our shoulders in a really safe
    position and will prevent any
    unnecessary strain or movement in your
    upper arms
    and a lot of advanced power lifters also
    like to use this technique when their
    bench pressing alone so simply raise
    your butt off the bench and racket while
    keeping an arch and your shoulders back
    so this means that the scapula is going
    to be retracted keep that position and
    then simply just bring your butt down
    along with the rest of your body and
    this should put you in a really solid
    position to bench press so these are the
    seven movies but some additional tips
    that I am give you is first of all
    unless you're gonna compete in
    powerlifting you don't really have to
    bench press and if you're really
    concerned about your own safety then I
    recommend that you stay away from the
    barbell bench press and because there's
    so many different exercises you can do
    that you can do dumbbell bench press
    machine bench press you can do flies
    just like so many different variations
    that are equally or if not more
    effective in terms of building your
    chest muscles so you know you can
    definitely use those because you know
    with dumbbells if you feel you can just
    drop the dumbbells so don't be compared
    to use the bench press if you don't have
    to and worst case scenario let's say
    you're benching by yourself without any
    safeties and then you also put on
    collars and you you miss the weight
    right if you fail what do you do next
    well it's it's it's gonna be extremely
    hard for you to get out of it but
    there's something called the roll of
    shame that is known and end up in the
    powerlifting community where when you
    feel and as long as the weight is not
    too heavy you can actually start rolling
    the weight down down your chest bring it
    to about your belly level and then this
    would give you more leverage that you
    can actually stand up and get out of it
    instead of pushing it up you definitely
    do not want to push it up towards your
    neck because that's really gonna choke
    you so definitely do not roll the bar up
    up your neck instead roll it down until
    you have enough leverage to stand up and
    get out of it
    so to quickly recap here are the seven
    things you can do to bench press alone
    without a spotter the first thing is to
    use a rack or a power cage where the you
    can adjust the safety heights to about
    one inch over your chest and you can
    adjust the rack height to a level that
    is neither too high nor too low the
    second thing is to not use any sort of
    collars on your weights when you bench
    press alone because in case you get
    stuck you can slide the weights to one
    side and get out of it the third thing
    you can do is to use wrist wraps because
    it's gonna reduce the chances of your
    wrist feeling or the barbell moving
    around unnecessarily the fourth thing is
    to use a proper full grip with the
    thumbs around the bar and to not use a
    thumbless grip or a false grip the first
    thing you can do is to use an arch when
    you bench press because especially if
    you use in our power rack with safeties
    you can actually raise your chest a
    little bit to match the level of the
    safeties and then when you fail you can
    just collapse the arch and the weight
    will just come down along with your
    I will ultimately rest on the safeties
    the sixth thing you can do is to unwrap
    the bar with your butt off the bench
    keep your shoulders or a scapula
    retracted and then simply bring your
    butt down to the bench along with the
    rest of your body and the seventh thing
    you can do is to unwrap the barbell with
    the barbell directly over your eye level
    and you don't want it to be too high
    where it's going to be a dangerous
    position not only to unwrap it but also
    to bracket again and at the same time we
    don't want to be too long when you're
    pressing you're gonna hate the safeties
    and it's kind of cause unnecessary
    movement in your bar path so there you
    have it guys
    I hope this was informative if you like
    this video don't forget to hit the
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    to know from you whether you bench press
    with a spotter or without a spotter make
    sure to leave a comment down below thank
    you so much for watching
    and stay strong
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