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How Onimusha Warlords Is Censored In English

How Onimusha Warlords Is Censored In English
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    A few weeks ago Onimusha Warlords was announced to be coming to Nintendo Switch, PlayStation
    4, Xbox One and Steam in January with remastered graphics and a bunch of new features.
    Onimusha Warlords was originally released for PS2 way back in 2001 and is a samurai-themed
    action adventure game from Capcom, which also borrows a few elements from the Resident Evil
    The new release will not only be in HD but will also feature a widescreen option, analog
    stick support, easy mode being available from the start and both a new soundtrack and new
    Japanese voice acting.
    What isn't known at this point though is whether the scene that was previously toned down outside
    of Japan will be included at all, or whether it will be only shown in the Japanese version
    The scene in question occurs just before a boss fight and shows the boss taking the form
    of a beautiful woman, before then transforming into a giant mantis-like insect.
    This was originally seen as too suggestive for non-Japanese audiences, with the uncut
    transformation having part of the insect form emerging from between her legs.
    Here's the Japanese version of the scene for you to compare for yourself...
    And then the English version...
    This change was even mentioned in an IGN review for the game from way back in 2001.
    Here the staff member writes: "A special note about Capcom's port to the
    US: For American gamers who don't get to play the Japanese version of Onimusha, you miss
    a pretty sexy/nasty transformation scene that was totally hacked in the American version.
    The scene shows her laying down, spreading her legs and then transforming, quite sexually,
    into a giant flying wasp.
    The scene in the US version pretty much cuts out everything.
    I don't get it though.
    Onimusha is already rated M, and that scene shouldn't push it into AO territory, so what
    happened that the scene was just butchered.
    Bad Capcom!"
    As stated, it's currently not known which of these scenes the new remastered version
    will be using or whether there will be any regional differences in the game again.
    We'll know for sure though when the game releases, with it scheduled to be released worldwide
    January 15th 2019.
    Until next time, thank you for watching.
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