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How Artists Are Shaping the Future of Augmented Reality

How Artists Are Shaping the Future of Augmented Reality
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    In digital space
    you can be anyone, you can be anywhere, you can be anything.
    Working in interactive media,
    there's no reason that the content has to be stuck on the cell phone.
    I think it can pop off into the real world, too.
    To be able to paint and sculpt things
    in 3D space,
    I was, like, this is something magical, this is gonna change the world.
    With augmented reality, it's great to be able to create a VR piece, and import that,
    and be able to show people in real life; they don't have to hop into a headset.
    My piece with The Festival of the Impossible is called "Descent."
    You can bring things off the screen and into the real world,
    and you can really cause this sort of amazing effect in people, where they don't realize how this is possible.
    It could be in a gallery, or it could be on the street,
    so getting people experiencing something hands-on is important.
    My role as an artist, is try to put people away from their daily reality.
    Because these experiences are spatial and they're interactive,
    it totally changes the grammar of the previous art forms,
    so we need to discover a new grammar.
    I think what this will do is allow more creators to jump in
    to help define what this creative space might be.
    As a woman, as a person of color, like, there are certain opportunities that I'm allowed
    in a new space that I might not be allowed in a different space.
    Everyone will be experimenting and trying different things.
    I think that's the exciting part.
    Now we have all these new technologies to get out of the screen
    and bring those experiences into physical spaces as well.
    When I first did that, it was like an epiphany.
    It just became a lot of fun to push the boundaries of what is possible.
    I think there's a lot of possibilities with interactivity we haven't even touched yet.
    It's about experimentation; it's about creativity.
    Pushing yourself to do something different.
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