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Class of 2022: Summer Orientation

Class of 2022: Summer Orientation
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    This UVA ID is a picture of me actually when I came to orientation my first-year.
    When I came into orientation, I was nervous and unsure of what to expect.
    The girl in this photo had no idea how amazing her first-year would be.
    My orientation was amazing, I came into the year prepared for classes.
    Orientation starts off pretty early in the morning, we get the students and parents checked-in
    and then we get them hype for the rest of the day.
    When we're out on the Lawn and the orientees come out, we're holding up our posters.
    They get to meet their orientation leaders, their peers.
    We have ice breakers on the Lawn, we're playing shipwreck, we're playing telephone.
    We do ice breakers in order for them to get relaxed, to get to know each other, to hang
    out, and that gets them talking.
    The most rewarding experience is seeing the orientees that are kind of shy open up.
    In the afternoon, we also have a few information sessions where students can ask questions
    and to learn about resilience and how to be successful at UVA.
    The high point is definitely in the evening "I am UVA."
    "I am UVA," is a really really unique aspect of orientation that was just introduced this
    past year, we have five orientation leaders go on stage in Old Cabell Hall and they share
    their personal stories, their experiences at UVA, and what they can contribute to the
    University as individuals.
    We try to remind them that it's okay to be you, it's okay to bring a different perspective
    to the table.
    Our job really is just to promote an atmosphere of inclusivity and a welcoming environment.
    They have a home, they have a community, they have a group of people that all really care
    about them.
    Everyone has a story, your story matters, and they're going to add so much more to this
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