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What's in Store: Yellowbird Foods

What's in Store: Yellowbird Foods
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    My partner George and I were looking for the perfect hot sauce
    that had whole ingredients and zero artificial fillers and that just didn't exist,
    so we decided to make our own.
    My name is Erin Link and I'm the co-founder of Yellowbird Foods, we make spicy condiments in San Marcos Texas.
    MailChimp has impacted our business by making it super easy for us to collect our customer contact information,
    and send out really beautiful emails to them.
    The data that MailChimp offers allows us to view how our customers are interacting with that information that they receive.
    And we're able to send them information that they really are excited about and not the stuff that they aren't really excited about.
    MailChimp's multiuser account feature is one of my favorite tools.
    At any given time we have about 2 or 3 people logged in working on something very different, one person might be working on
    the design, one person might be working on the copy,
    and it's been super helpful for time management for us.
    MailChimp's multiuser account feature allows us to get more quality work done in a shorter amount of time.
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