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🔴 NEW "SMG" Gameplay in Fortnite! (Fortnite: Season 5 LIVE Gameplay)

🔴 NEW "SMG" Gameplay in Fortnite! (Fortnite: Season 5 LIVE Gameplay)
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    bar NRA
    that's why anybody welcome to
    the stream of the ouster of the
    fantastic day
    but while the file a lot that
    all gang
    biology to complete four, we
    sell more load of - - and
    Mogadishu the guise of erotic
    acid a
    bone welcome welcome on the
    hopefully make sure the
    medications without board is
    the thing notifications to go up
    your Sunday as well below the
    line of services and for you
    guys or hear forbidding earlier
    morning shooting at a time when
    he's a very very long time he
    has no I usually like to do
    or new updates cup on surgery or
    early crime and on the 100% all
    city has a null on cell Aidid
    sleep a little bit last night
    either to soften accounts on
    restoring the exact same thing
    alley suffer like I say
    propagate power to have
    possibly on cell not necessarily
    feeling fantastic right now
    on I don't know how long issues
    to be added 18 for to be roughly
    like maybe 2 hours long, and on
    too long and literally go right
    to ban is autopsies awesome
    right now and I don't even
    really feel tired I just feel
    like gross high enough that I
    really one of the issue not edgy
    has no to bring us and she
    on ceo of the Chinese Media
    pundits and jean on replacing
    solos meeting will be shorn of
    bills possibly possibly on goal
    seemed really pursued of one of
    the nearly one issue needs a lot
    of the guys have done so already
    internal Asher Macy job like
    subscribers will be new
    troubles of occasions Allstate
    gross salary of its like dollars
    at all feel unclean I just feel
    like like the hold my brain just
    feels I feel like much brain did
    they know
    the actual sex then use the
    that's well below the way I do
    a caller can you got me I've no
    idea city-Su so far as I see it
    show up in greenbacks to really
    best to really an
    board, a visit me to my e-mail
    legitimately beach for rash
    their love of the above all your
    fee as
    the GIS the two will be sure
    that the issue now hear this
    and she's
    the same issues just about the
    same exact speed as the regulars
    Sousa city just like faster
    the faster in the season same
    speed and two sons beef year and
    by Anthony Martinez Liscio until
    today, say
    a field of Unified's brainy
    takasugi if we get a big issue
    right through people and tilted
    Sigler comes in green I would
    imagine is to come and blew two
    of our guests Papeete, the exact
    same colors and we saw the
    regular sounds as if you come
    and which is gray green and blue
    bond deal that legitimately seen
    so far they can bear five
    these green
    they probably comes in more than
    a policy that a quick to react I
    think as like a relatively small
    magazines as a service of BBDO
    Boston fortunate
    movie also as
    the Howard a survivor there
    and it's a damn near me or call
    them alive are not wholly
    that was actually notes
    my calendar year
    Greeley brother
    ball my dad brother who might
    gather all waited
    all this I was a city star game
    at home, a city as I think it
    sounds a stingy owl and was just
    like in U.S. and june
    bad enough that a new GATT she
    ash and OK interesting
    but we get a rock with this
    before you get the silos when I
    know where we heard Gergen sells
    one in their gang here pretty
    sure that
    all got
    a no all get him out
    the attack was so nice attack
    was really good for real attack
    was it like the amazing weapon
    used by the same time an
    that if
    it was locally at all of this
    opens to the Disney movie
    theaters so was a foreign state
    of seconds to
    the lead of IE the other girl he
    coli espresso Mogadishu man and
    poured ever dreamed I see ashes
    placed another wall directly to
    the right of me, can block the
    to waste even broken day was
    really really overpowered are
    sure but I would say I mean hell
    is allowed to say that Acheson G
    that was in the game stacked
    against like a drunken
    that the drum gets pretty bad
    that's pretty
    the landslide ideal Mason bond
    was somebody with Jan Hardesty
    and stated
    , Pers comes in with two passes
    enjoy this little amounts on
    gifts are eight no worries an
    annual amount you can give is
    greatly pursue all I got from my
    name so better now
    that the guy reaction times to
    be done everything
    they sleep Monday in the
    outcomes and to sustain and what
    is the issue if I'm in my name
    is always trash and these could
    be a little bit extra trash this
    that was a laser for a range of
    Vasser fire a
    , I feel that I'm getting more
    damage so,
    to be wrong I know the exact
    of selling a salty spring salad
    and toss again
    that I did not get a haircut now
    I think it may expand the way I
    quote unquote slapped last at
    least offer like
    balls as informality have maybe
    if that
    it's so one of my partner in a
    and a crank the EC in my better
    and I sat there and it's so nice
    and cool man at the sake of my
    counsel in releasing to two will
    they see a lot of ice on 11 roof
    did a guy like loggers
    but are rocking with like an
    extreme level that drifts can
    the basic pickax
    it shown here
    and we live in
    but we had the Latin boys 210
    and scanned
    ball USC lying around the upper
    left 1/4
    lead right knee and bring a name
    to the paint
    but I just won't do
    that's not good
    below the
    grey and
    buy shoes Allied and also some
    later that
    the sheriff ray Schiro was
    served I should be at the
    services where should be on
    those of my servers and maybe
    I'll explain it
    the cell and around
    if if if that will have to have
    was added
    or climb as
    they shotgun was shocking
    anywhere late, ash to put that
    is my second at Chino up and
    that was my second as that
    and rock and is OK
    if you're paying all this is a
    minor and Kevin
    it's a got a little bit better
    when ever happen with the paper
    in a
    bubble of law at the esprit the
    guy point blank range for likes
    17 shots
    and no of them connected
    by a son daddy
    than there was slops inmates for
    the walls
    that all while do the thing does
    leisurely to
    the Dialogic completely lost and
    are there another guy distracted
    me and then I'd just like to an
    bob your itinerary was a moment
    Bosch - Friday that was a
    horrible track
    betting that the USGA seems
    pretty good and
    that really has just rise too
    much so
    biased and nice solid gain with
    them and some I can just turn
    the stream down sure as a game
    played had to bed and then
    by one and that is so late at
    half fat and I'm telling him and
    my boss works into the bone
    I'm up solely every night and
    you know grinding content of the
    guys in the bosses like Monday
    on a constant rock and a higher
    back and get paid and like that
    before the table from a family
    of a family man
    to start of a cell year jet
    the eyes of a job like
    additional set for later shows
    for kids
    and to thank you was cache of
    two ships are some
    that have this after me Oki game
    was named to gain king centenary
    the right to Kramer mind and tea
    in Kingston
    this in this league goalie in
    your 1% right eye legitimately
    lay out easily serious a day
    without actually go live in late
    August alliance are really be
    that the peace and G fuel all I
    can actually so exhausted right
    that I feel like
    like it's not an entire anymore
    by just don't feel good in a
    times and
    by last time I checked
    the should matter
    that IE and
    the only person in a risky said
    a rounded
    by jealousy and unable to send a
    bed and call their eyes light up
    when: early morning stream
    and the same time as light as if
    I go for just a solid 2 hours of
    the happy as real new
    excel 2 hours
    and eat or drink water PP a
    separate water and drink fluids
    I have eight as well
    as us are in serious are
    bilingual, you'd seen again to
    solicit site has a slight and
    bob Barcelona is the sum of the
    one I appreciate
    the Arabian ad
    than that of a foray into taking
    my net managers into the footage
    of laptop the Marjorie are
    rendered out the disk and a
    plenary no one shooting are also
    lacking game hard
    to all to see what can and
    Beth Shuster that is to be bang
    accuracy wouldn't give them and
    that he would see that the
    Physician actually the part
    the eyes of knowing that if I am
    a chat
    with beautiful man of the so
    here he hopefully so here with
    the with a beautiful blue
    checkmark next was named he's
    the man mind that it's on the
    last two videos the pleasure of
    the channel
    this amazing were kids in
    hoteliers go checking out
    these really really nice and
    it's and he's kinda hopefully
    help me revive my channel bring
    that I was slow but actually
    help maximize growth and
    potential actually uploading
    content while also streaming, be
    a city as possible checkmark,
    blue ranch did,
    that she does say neither of
    them did
    they really were set a trap for
    their doors to
    the latter half of bob and I see
    that no nudity and fathers as it
    stays in a chastened and
    if I actually had a brother to
    ball feels bad
    deals Batman
    ball to be a solitary to chat
    for that engagement
    by beatings
    by awkward tests how flawed man
    lay I heard like I heard it hit
    the ground and only wait a
    second bomb some feel the same
    ones that he did I have a
    healthy they are bonded die a
    new entity with advises-planned
    use for auto
    buyers and froze what are some
    processing the DC I think in the
    wires and precision PC I think
    as PCs is a bit more competitive
    but nothing the beggar's tick
    umpires of Congress ponders to
    our percent of the vendors to
    come and
    the bee at 100% did on
    bodyguard making the switch over
    to PC just as it takes a little
    more competitive rate
    , that you're the best the best
    players in the world of 49
    buying on the PC this is the
    factor that finds a higher
    concentration of skilled players
    on the PC and you would your
    plan console consoles it more of
    the met with a casual platform
    PC if your plan PC of our little
    bitty taking a little more
    seriously ill Moreno you, this
    little more time
    rest of us really one of saliva
    25 says is the wisest seats in
    the same counter and a nation
    U.N. has indeed brother
    boast Michael Caldwell 40 men
    are you my dad one clutch
    hitting of course did on
    everybody's spent
    at oral and pleasant tide for
    together cells in the U.S. and
    she rests layout we got 12345
    people coming in Seoul leave
    with probably seven kills
    staying out
    that nothing in here of course
    but watch where the answer to
    the home
    and release your chest on the
    top floor
    and a college at
    the a and dome exactly those
    looking for
    a jig of kennedy's company then
    I'm like Chile sauce are now I
    really slow to get some cool
    game play hopes
    and do I really started as a
    cool game play with a sad
    this as a G
    the Shoshone hockey has little
    bit give my feedback
    the eyes of the data from what
    I've seen so far pretty sure it
    comes in the exact same colors
    of the sound system he comes in
    the takasugi of the IMS and
    takasugi is needed here anymore
    then we have on so we have just
    heard a sound system gene this
    new unsound this and you
    this on cells this and gee I
    believe is in grade green and
    and what I've seen so far at
    actually never seen a blue ones
    that seem grain greenside just
    there's probably a blue
    to use of their shots to the
    ballot of all the takasugi I
    think maybe they thought it was,
    it was the weapon that too many
    people were using
    a now
    best, why he didn't
    bush and shock and Debbie Kuehl
    what retreated
    basket and none did much of
    summer there
    to remove us and GE apps of a
    rule that tax questions units of
    the city's sell the game
    Time Systems used only in the
    remove the tack an avid this new
    set of work is sitting in on
    sound system to this thing.
    And they just called the
    submachine gun
    that almost if you listen to it
    that all sounds like a sound
    system gee
    and not shoot a little bit
    faster than the regular Silas SG
    and it's got the same service
    Tony field to you know now that
    it's on silenced if he does
    feels like it on sun's version
    of the salsa's mutilations also
    that uses outdated post and into
    montage last week he ended
    up to montage of news and
    the Notre dame and also promote
    just found at lazy likes or
    delay the brainy appeal I'd
    buy the biennial on sousa's and
    she slays some people with it
    too can use that as the city
    more side of the game although I
    have heard some people say
    they're finding a glitch in some
    locations like a Lotus pond the
    inhalation so maybe for Lockheed
    will be a little rock to bring
    you a sound system she had
    attacked us and see all the same
    blown out
    and add the banger video, not of
    even really care what the
    buy body deliverance Winograd
    the screen, I know how many
    people and didn't have a good
    amount of
    classes, close a new bus
    balances and GE
    bop that
    extends to
    the shot was a lot of their
    annual audit
    bowl further man
    the dead brother men
    that was to be with a subtle the
    RPG of those needed a lasted
    all have nothing shows me a more
    that has commuted scans I have
    no idea
    , seeded and began skin system
    has ever more to come in the
    game for so long are so tired
    yet to use sleep, I do need
    sleeve and on alive for only 22
    minutes plus a silicon live for
    6 hours or
    bond student doesn't
    22 minutes to start
    the attitude of system is the
    Normandy, the game for so long
    that honesty to stop worrying
    by disagree and hairy on your
    oldest and unsure of 58 I watch
    pretty much every day love
    issues A and Perkins a precedent
    that sent gadgets, Cole attack
    and little analytics odyssey
    it's all are played by the
    actual beers, good idea for the
    eight ranges of the people
    Biocontrol are few are genuinely
    believe that age, and as does
    the title profile exaggerates to
    everyone in sight in the
    majority bodies between the ages
    of like 18 to 24 of the majority
    that is probably actually a
    little beyond earth in for an
    actor wheel median age of the
    age of that and the actual
    median age of the people
    as a lark you know kids and even
    myself readable account sales
    mission of their ages actually
    team plaza can watch into
    positives on you to
    buy blue house roof I can land
    blue house are fractious
    criminal end of the land here
    by contact one of the charity
    has ever done that, unlike fake
    your age
    guy being boys even shooting and
    there's nobody else of fairness
    to kill them
    , one of the gravel was lewd I
    hear that many of their
    announcer real deterrent for me
    go there another out of high
    mean I'm not feel marijuana
    and the papas
    that why was the chassis that
    like everybody come on. Ever the
    latter ones one and one count
    and it's a lot of people that
    are spec janitorial turn your
    : one of
    two for every year
    the aces problem or people, the
    this dude is lord knows where
    the acid edges of the whole base
    and block of
    tea down a chat
    below the age
    when a body
    that C and I resist us and jaded
    are a
    grimy dizziness and jeer now
    that have
    where is it actions in the
    actual spree of this one
    boring unit block Breaux what
    the heck is this
    a night day a
    car's kill them right where they
    died shock and now im and one
    the Russian avant
    they place a press had a play
    of agony that nothing as well
    by NAZI shady sat here we get a
    feeling than salty springs not a
    bad lady we still have the Sousa
    city that
    level of court, saying this is
    the Kingdome
    and either a salute appears the
    job watchman preacher
    not enough for censure as I
    watched the job office can just
    ended up
    the losing any of those
    occasions to
    its active decided to grab that
    the can see him up there
    the stance of the standstill for
    mere really quick are you aware
    that many a shocking as little
    yet it's a guessing he's got a
    rate the takasugi is gone but
    the brainy lot sizes and she
    is the new anything all the kids
    are talking about it
    while the kids are even though
    and get to this has launched an
    than any of you still battled
    by got screwed up
    by the day of dead at risk if
    the man I Don syme becomes an
    Aussie senate did not mean fall
    over there will
    they'd already in Maxwell and
    as a shank
    give Macs with this early in the
    rooms like that
    and skill O brill we choked at
    hard we got a brand new us back
    all the sousa's the end, feel
    and sound systems you whenever
    and call your day
    and eastern edge of what
    me as other here and
    or see for
    bodies were ball around added to
    the shotgun and honesty
    them into the trap up to my way
    out of a
    sweet sweet
    but Alcott in all honesty I
    missed it for us all to springs
    kisses locations action really
    will force
    the logic of a runny of failing
    and get a lot of kills your deep
    getting along kills it does a
    lot of unanswered safe and if
    the locations of motion
    by question is yelled that were
    right in the linux a son second
    holder says 60¢ at
    it's a gift
    that exceed gets the cameras out
    of sync the camera should be as
    if the game play it as having
    three try refreshing the stream
    is that that shouldn't be
    eight that never ever ever have
    is an issue wasn't really that
    usually that's happening like a
    lot of people will be spending
    for instance of the
    and supercedes you really that
    far out there and seen
    error in
    bind actually kill the same here
    to as he has not already at
    the Wells, saviers really almost
    all sounds like a silence weapon
    dishes not silenced images,
    sounds and feels like the sound
    system see just about sums and
    it really would cut deals like
    them a complaint De Sousa city
    was a B style weapons this is
    really be said of Armenia close
    and is the weapon
    to start the attackers and human
    ills bad
    that might make a return some
    point or we may never see the
    end of the city like a permanent
    replacement I know the
    boy had no idea
    the city's users of their
    attention away their
    children in
    the head gets out the
    fires and fisheries and I think
    the gifting systems actually
    making it as it ever more to
    come in the game for so long
    but I don't think it's at its
    peak in this new continent
    between us, as some point it is
    so no one exactly
    both of west of the
    but to land a man
    Thomas taxes to pay more
    attention away when I was in
    Vietnam. As one
    of my held up by a whole are now
    they got
    the top blue house
    by lipper said the sorriest was
    in careful has
    the good that
    this room at the sea for
    dopey you like me and that the
    disrespecting a future for my
    season five level one other
    the season for a peripheral to
    by needed a campfire
    and ages for their bases around
    here somewhere
    there's six people left has to
    be somehow managed to screw this
    up and lose this game
    the entire shall be disappointed
    by think their days back of
    their my right arm irate I think
    grief of this day
    their ventures
    and I correct are my correct
    but what he did not realize that
    was up here
    is at seattle's-designate luster
    of your two of
    two certainly don't mind if I do
    all my
    2,000,001 sea for list of gladly
    take that
    and gosh to my whole game just a
    set those who fall off
    at this
    bus across and blue house of
    cake that a sketch ventures and
    that we use a law setting all
    evidence a sensitive to the
    needle in a way
    of seven
    to 80 got 60 else's contrast if
    you'll find advantage
    they be nice to have a look that
    chat you guys are 219 and
    there's a rawness to something
    that word as lily one band is
    left is well off too bad about
    the back of the launcher
    below and it's
    below the event
    than five people left
    by feeling that, we have one the
    best positions are now are the
    lessons in
    greasy with the storm is next up
    10 kills by people left also get
    a solid to kill and
    and a push a little farther
    south the bad OK
    to disperse of no one really put
    chill become an around in a new
    machine guns
    backs would
    those applause at the edges song
    and running
    and be right around here just a
    second bus to sunny to use
    registry this warm
    Diane or so the players are
    any fun to fight
    and die daily slid one more kill
    the sounds of this new message
    every etiquette listing at how
    did we have on the oswego's of
    the bashing and killed it
    solace actually do that
    but all the way of their
    anno the shocking from the
    bases on a stampede about 32
    there's 13
    by the home of a prefab and
    of the
    'enough of the 35
    shoot right now I I've
    disease such an awkward and
    by all mails back to writing to
    the shot DSC that
    Palau loaded
    is why finding those things is
    not and never again be a
    good reason analysts suspect is
    the saucepan
    to his retinue saucepan
    this guy's to him as a shiny
    backyard feel it
    by had no campfire known us to
    be used to
    justify around me distill five
    players left me and I feel like
    some people are displaying super
    super passes as a bush camp are
    here in the same summer mark my
    Bowie any evidence a seven
    holed up for a quick
    to their ships within an
    kilometer them under their
    business and the city we knew it
    for me
    , Irish at a very generous and a
    I really feel it is a death
    ball got none and
    the nom De Grande you have any
    ideas other guy coming or is is
    a guy if I have got mad at him
    on mats two men besting sparrow
    to use them the keys
    a screwed up really badly
    that I had a little more of a
    should allow so much help in
    fighting the gags I'd never
    should've taken a cyber fight
    never now just a bad call as a
    band called you'd never had any
    kill the messenger
    of weird and if the use
    to grow
    this to
    bomb out
    by the city can be lost and
    I decided as does the states can
    caveat he's got that in a city
    the meeting should grow
    to 10 to
    the OS Batman is back in the
    array to chat honestly
    think if we shot again and again
    sever Sean we should just
    outside the high ground to get
    high tonight there may be we
    have a shot maybe maybe maybe
    , as was one of the guys are to
    sell though you have those
    already messiahs: job like
    subscribers with the guys knew
    what he has subscribed you will
    see names appear above they
    scamper she hasn't come out on
    as BU a full morning
    and Salameh needs means lot
    of my party's right now I use
    the audio technica 8 to 2020
    11th and if yes, I use the audio
    technica 8 to 2020 but I
    actually ordered any arrives
    today on a brainy microphone
    assure us and 70 scuttle the
    more about BC feel to it so I'm
    I believe that the seven some
    point in a site in these efforts
    in a stream I don't know how
    we'll get it setup that often a
    Shinto shrine U.S. military said
    microphones as tough as always
    to be below state
    body was always like the hardest
    thing that comes assuring a fund
    bomb the essence of the two
    still others say your you as
    well you as well as IE when I
    cited in a sermon to
    best of luck
    best of my
    by state
    call to strings
    ball off
    night here comes a cheese is the
    Mac and cheese with a spoon or
    that he lied weighted
    they can go either way
    the fidelity so deep that it's
    easy for me right now
    to get what you use
    it go to Spain
    and I use a spell of the Mac and
    , studded with my face most of
    the sound basis uses sans De
    Charette in my face
    the York weapon for me more
    that happens
    this pennant
    but I leave it as a little size
    were talking like we're talking
    back and she's so
    it's got a dose of the city dead
    in the
    its predecessors in the
    it's the one that men want that
    it should move on, that
    Bosak building as with the heck
    is that all ms, l'amour mess
    with the heck is going to
    a home
    of a decrease of the city was
    ashes of the sorbet
    they cannot be sees me
    surrounding your hat makers also
    making cheese to
    and became
    , down from the gate and
    see a haddock if he guesses on
    us where he guesses on us where
    the guesses on us where to get
    some years were
    the debt is C4 a soul powerful
    and this game
    the snaps by absolutely nuts
    that such low HP to the hill
    when you do is just a global
    data flows that went into these
    devices use rather go behind
    by regulating the use and allow
    Thursday I read that
    better than ever that
    the tedious maybe they're begun
    in the second one after it are
    before irony,
    this is message in a sauce with
    a call to Sousa city as the man
    but maybe you'd
    go ahead as for getting this
    loss check writers actually read
    and write a lawsuit
    as a pungent
    they are at the heart of what
    maja did you guys are middle
    action by the way, the story
    ratio of a job like an issue
    subscribers will be knew when
    you subscribed you'll see your
    names appear above the base camp
    and troubles of occasions as
    well eyelash importing every
    single day every original
    Purcell support secret agent one
    comes with a $1.00 the selection
    this year by two fax was less
    office president's Office
    Resources to be such a good
    living so if
    a keyboard or use on reserved a
    the breezy destocking keyboard
    > for membrane one stop a
    mechanical as the numbering one
    I prefer to bring keyboards
    person because allows the glide
    of the keys little bit easier to
    kill you can make
    up your movements and attack
    tiny that tactile clicking noise
    and ray press a key even on a
    satisfying applicants I just
    read me up and tried it on the
    canopy words that nonsense and
    two for streaming is also
    world's super super loudspeaker,
    microphone really really easily
    this is over on downs plaza PST.
    the guys could probably barely
    hear my keyboard it's all in the
    so for those reasons I enjoy
    playing with a more
    that the spare for streaming
    it's a Serrano are still
    of toilet paper contour of the I
    love them and
    if I actually like as well
    the shock and
    buyer there
    a player
    that actually down the
    ban me essentially the session
    but off the snow one renowned in
    there and that they hope that
    spoke at
    resilience are assisted the
    shooting area summers may
    greed kills 47 people of
    activism is one other day
    by mike 99 percent share
    of peers in the running
    back should never done that was
    such a horrible play white is
    why they just make the job of
    acting just the invisible and
    first 14 games with a pump
    shotgun a commission shop into
    that such a horrible play
    Ashbury guy like a clearly a
    high ground is at 10
    deals that meant
    that has won the first five
    are 88888 do
    , if someone just likes me a
    some legislative video, I think
    it was from Wayne Makin I were
    playing in neon
    the Savannah private server
    that 40 tournament are like the
    forties commissioner practicing
    a decline was in there and take
    one killed making nine and that
    I love this video is Dick one
    destroyed making 30 and his
    and eighties idea that others I
    can make a 38 and his friends
    that students
    if he has already running did so
    that one day all the spy who are
    bold click the 40 channels
    will feel they have to put my
    name and that I know these tiny
    interviews to
    half and a dash
    that's funny
    the key 30 and his friends
    the Los Batman
    @rate D
    , should say I missed a title my
    stream I'm the guy they played
    with make or
    the Asheville in a style that I
    sit idle Asha establishing like
    I'm the guy that the tax measure
    won top honors
    but the oral
    bully cheeses Hamilton went one
    the Dennis Opie Valentino I
    think even a waxy good chance to
    use it on trilogy know nothing
    of the
    the fifth
    by what it's all been enacted
    leave us so close to the game
    and beat the legit that got so
    close to winning
    and you have some G
    to that of the guys officially a
    and his is worse comes to worse
    will do is auditioned on that
    one game play we had sought to
    organic way when
    the status quo fireflies see
    better define these five kills
    and five flies to be five guys
    love watching unique plated
    times in case things with a 5
    minute pursuit
    com is almost as salty more time
    to solve his problem for snow
    will have to lie somewhere else
    the opium analyst and other be
    in the eyebrow
    to seek eight B Gemini and
    secret teaching me
    by john Casteel
    has its uses a maturing for this
    Friday hash tag good luck
    I pursued a moment the switch to
    and weapon fills them and
    by some of the dead of
    the book sale half of that can
    ever say live in this game shots
    for ages now facially bad luck
    for slightly what I say says us
    off its bad luck one: summer's
    release some are also
    both as one word meow were sold
    springs to one
    , leading to the personal
    it's actually make plays
    the blond hair and we're now
    was Thursday tournament hosted
    by Maddy and if she's hosting
    our very own tournament
    ball to the punch in Italics as
    an entree and sometime after the
    really cool
    , and salty good night nearly
    just say we should go salty
    bite is the last time assault
    was a a loss of assaulting
    that if we don't play well here
    was at a different house needed
    to house the key plenty of
    people in a blue house are brick
    house scan been a problem right
    and prepare for me the way
    it's tackles as for nationals,
    that's better luck than we've
    it all cities of a backup for
    that just me
    the way down there
    to actually should likewise
    shooting is defying someone all
    is actually a fight on the rear
    they win NT split itself
    the might of
    us as overshot off, one of
    them about to overhear jack
    policies leads to be so mad
    Bach and I want that
    the bodies out all other Goddard
    risk ended by making that
    a package that I make an impact
    in this old married out in
    of the like the official knows
    games a season five technically
    sense they like the first the
    past and
    to make its else can
    that a pop on the same time into
    such a colossal waste
    the city of their tattoos on the
    mound are what
    of 11 and one denied as
    the lowdown kidney
    and did
    this trash pick axes the default
    could actually what you mean it
    can't be trash
    to pass pickax Mccain and
    the audience was taken
    by all
    those in fall
    we did
    buy say he led a really cool
    features that a fortnight
    it should be an option and maybe
    should work as late as
    seamlessly necessarily is on
    making it sounds
    by what if there's a way you
    could like take a regular nays
    that you have input and in a
    and like ½ and AIDS equates
    alike and act like exploding and
    a launcher designer not get
    three needs
    of the turn that into like two
    maids and two an offer and a
    the mechanical the city to two
    of the
    ascension same thing and a
    precedent for the same distance
    of forethought shafted for by
    some type of that's so many
    times before with it since I
    probably know in 70 Estes of the
    Greenwich mean time spent
    by the mechanical thing and
    the beast cell: a
    ba Mellinger only comes above
    its use is trying to stream
    which do you prefer you to
    purchase which I personally
    prefer you two for the reasons I
    won a state
    he too has a much better
    discovery system and switch
    learning that is like so pure
    smaller shimmering you're just
    starting out shooting and it
    seems to be a lot easier for you
    to grow orally if you will find
    a small Schumer and switching to
    be done but really the most
    popular way to do is like go to
    twitch directory the fortnight
    game scroll all the way down the
    bottom and locate the Hubbard
    probably 1000 people there
    shooting was like one of your
    bets so hard to do right as
    literally by the only few ways
    to get discovered mushy like a
    shot off another Schumer
    taken like the autopsy the
    people that do that they look
    around are costly notes which is
    a massive massive audience as it
    is costly people were you always
    looking for
    the people to watch sitting
    there will be a tool that will
    find you inevitably
    the tubes got a recommendation
    system were automatically near
    sidebar you'll see all the
    things the two things you might
    be interested in this so deep
    that engineer to that city one
    to save you, run your channel
    the smart way
    nudity give yourself that a good
    title occurred from mail
    and you you also make good
    content you'll inevitably grow
    if the user fee to grow be of
    good tag still appear the
    recommendation of the chamber's
    two was easier to be discovered
    as a small issue were starting
    out on you to
    the my own personal thing
    they can be got switched under a
    and a Saunders ms sufferers can
    turn our backs and stop and I'm
    gonna be a mission league
    the cliff a deal broke out, you
    100% growth you click the 100%
    that for you to protect its
    software might win a small pet
    peeve of mine ever you to
    preclude its every single one
    but we need to do is eat super
    these you want to update you
    can't in the sense that you want
    your content to be appealing
    the somebody come across a
    newbie is the only guy looks
    like a good video about say
    something and be interested in
    and when they click on the video
    you want them to actually be ago
    was a cab and
    our conscience of the
    the one thing and not be
    disappointed for what they click
    done so for instance
    by apple video titled
    the LME sleazier audiences want
    estate is a devastating click
    date and misleading everything's
    clipped the
    NT all click the means is that I
    want to be visually enticing
    or have the title be something a
    little bit ambiguous at least
    one of my winner of the means by
    that include the video
    topline figures
    this news and he said to me as a
    sound system to check if
    there are
    the title IPO you have to leave
    what happens in this game play
    that's clipped eight is also not
    misleading and what if I do
    something crazy what I pulled
    off like over economic ills are
    chores Kobe but it's not
    misleading match the defense's
    again be careful about if you
    have a loss of the day click on
    your video
    and then leave disappointed
    but a senior won
    topping down as the
    best singer was accounted for
    the gene ever wider audience and
    not trusted
    the big thing you'd never wider
    audience and I chose to
    the one hand and what way to
    date no building material
    bullet a guide shutdown did
    he can offer build fighting
    could fight
    began building material
    but feels Batman
    deal farm holy like we really
    can build an event
    yet is a good a job he had a
    letter I recently got at the
    start of an easy job, videos
    yeah, it sounds like it's only
    when it comes to click base
    never his responsibility with a
    title the video I still make my
    of the Males
    Bodine body hannah's body has
    it aside and
    to Benton
    gray avenue on
    the had
    to do the repairs
    the right to me
    that show of years and
    besting the
    bite, see this case third party
    in a
    bomb all ms
    Italia killed a weapon dates and
    have and also horrible did
    an Improv ideally I served as a
    banquette missing shots and an
    orchid are working with a
    bear the load, we OK can we move
    and have any shield the data
    really really stinks
    that cfo for some guide
    to unanimously did
    a voice and I came down this
    make any sense and it's never
    ever ever say something stupid
    like that again
    the shuttle is one more kill
    this thing
    this and then do a solid not
    a semi see a
    you all the way every year
    the way that you are
    a striptease I divide and
    an AFC
    and fun
    but was held this guy had had
    36 denied all of a shield over
    the stage for DDS men do useful
    that if I ends and then yet
    a planned as part of it will
    these and
    to all of
    a craggy dairy time at changes
    II see I heard a popping as busy
    as a kind of perfect Ins to my
    first edit and as a client
    committed or sell again and then
    yeah you use a patch of ice a
    bass player at the races to hang
    fully heal up and fun a session
    that Riley of the first five
    Decker, any of the way either
    one make the most rugged by if I
    have the option of options to
    and honesty
    of the
    ball as Adlai Hsing Yun does
    already day she job like
    subscribers will be guys knew
    when the subscribers unions
    appeared of the scan and sun's
    poles of the cases as I would
    really appreciate thank you all
    so much the buildup in support
    of what he did
    was to retail
    box. So
    they see revenue rose on ID
    windows magazine bills from that
    my neck strain so Washington I
    was a more than likely will all
    be sure do surrender was on
    by the had defaulted us as a
    soccer the default skin and just
    never changed it so does
    them and
    that issue in the guy's a fight
    and everything corny correctly I
    believe my brain new microphone
    should be arriving today I don't
    know Fabio Wingate set up in
    the channel again set today if I
    can now be using it into
    mainstream and I like a brainy
    mouth and everything and all of
    the guys in the word yes I do
    still 100% plan on using the
    sake of the stuff to put the
    sock over money microphone
    cheese would drop did what
    chance for
    all my lord business will more
    maybe it's an OK OK OK OK
    , D sound like these
    that she got a great Jackie
    Gambino of Allen last time
    by mayor's
    find a our friends are primary
    from a citizen of the band that
    that mariners just rock with a
    and centennial state
    if I got good as Al Haig and
    self I die in the knees and a
    chemical bank's users
    us uneasy company seasons
    somebody's house as a G
    Henke had is
    calder's and chat
    their cells irrigation
    by Sheila nuns have is my
    primary drop and run down odds
    to force myself to this be my
    primary weapon
    to washy forces to get some game
    play wouldn't
    buy rule and the Austin some
    expect that some
    ball got
    by on building force the middle
    of your ceiling
    buzz and I said and his party
    and ice in the first edit, the
    plan so sloppier number of fish
    and have a 50 HP a Newsweek
    banded) and
    that I subscribe alike as you
    have a Casio will not be scanned
    the shape of a pro
    is a populist lords to change
    everything was from an actual
    bells, sick
    the rock and as a backbone as I
    sit on the pickax to be a lot of
    this thing worse and
    bigger than a
    there is it that new lava
    like a jammed full defended this
    was just on the wrist edge dacha
    that makes sense for glider
    that I love the stormwater
    Minister Myers Sokol on a
    shooter of that was state
    of the sub solos by isolated as
    a probable that they scan the
    problem is you have your
    subscriptions on private
    sometimes as on by default for
    some channels
    bond with that means that you
    have to go when your settings
    which are used for from your
    subscriptions are set to public
    than your name will appear on
    stage as if your subscriptions
    are some prodigal never popup if
    that you might have they sure as
    some seven B Baffert nothing or
    really good things about the
    and it said it's constructed
    works a little differently if an
    than the one I use now is a
    microphone is today and to have
    much more like contest the sound
    to it I think which is to be
    really good for the streams and
    is also not to be able to get as
    much background noise not be as
    really hear much anyway as of
    the biggest thing is on
    sometimes is a minor chords and
    have my BC cranky as near my EC
    by middle there
    tell to 2 hours
    I am a city about doing as like
    I feel so bags I dual stream on
    each image which a mother that
    switch at dealers and high will
    lower utility are asking the
    questions user is our people
    that allegedly be a real fans of
    my content but not been enacted
    at all was something I try to
    focus on doing
    bashes focus
    menu to that only two and
    bashing beagle sure many more
    the dark and it's a point where
    is just no longer beneficial
    by ensuring house for much would
    spend the same time ID is
    growing in an active switch
    but if I like actually have some
    time for some explosive streams
    like to be a raider
    belated have an affinity so
    much. And
    that he noticed us now I know
    the first time have one of the
    times and she is not good news
    but up
    as the how many footsteps are
    that I got what linemate what
    I'm made aware that come from
    all I got a
    lot of potter's do that I can
    even be mapped out that
    bicycle beaded
    that statement
    bills could
    the NRA Rick Exel ash, and
    restart my game, funding. Singer
    with a
    child that's where some people
    are saying the ban next day be
    giving systems to be officially
    added in the next update
    warriors downtown
    the mushers here is that
    this week that although they're
    giving systems to becoming the
    game forever
    to cut out here
    at how we get the law that has
    given out at the son of very
    the late night and day easy gone
    crazy or welcome to the same
    date looking for a tool of a
    first time in a compete against
    each other and is this the rest
    of the punch ended
    the skin and tomato
    and a good time and
    the Aussie house to highlight
    nineties could set up this
    tournament my eye, said the
    entrance of the tournament when
    we should also do some point
    this out the DB gray winter or
    channels and the same time like
    to bring a lot of auburn lot if
    they can use either from we
    already like a watch a
    supporting a
    bit of a really cool attention
    turned out
    by meeting follow me
    that got a distaste
    and have
    have said they speak
    buyers at no idea ashes of the
    terminus of Ron
    body do share was a Mensch I
    read my name I exited
    the Daniel
    it's not a preacher if
    great diving really enjoy
    watching DVD work from beyond
    some honest and he makes pretty
    good as
    bomb favor user though I really
    love 8383 I really also will
    fill the Franca
    a gun and a popup of the
    to come as early
    together the sending their aces
    and there is actually a guy
    sitting out there that's insane
    and the
    another hearing are not alone
    tapi impatient and on any
    patient online divisions
    business and he S just sounds as
    if you're there
    the public policy for does man
    a daddy
    seven HP and rainy and talk
    about rags to riches challenge
    where we are now seven the
    bottom now are you
    the two
    great lessons and it's
    that skate and
    bashing all on the city's new
    lottery separate to keep the SGS
    the primary Steven wood with the
    by actually have won a game yet
    with a brain USG
    the ball to the takasugi
    all as I saw some people say it
    it's there still somehow seen
    their game
    but not as possible and open to
    question something
    back as some people say they're
    still seem a Tad as a gene in
    which it should be vaulted the
    most likely is that he was a
    glitch that was happening right
    wing of the job of practice and
    Jews console RT takasugi you
    only have a sound system Gino
    bands was essentially
    battled the actual wish out of
    the actual offer you takasugi
    will ever come back
    we'll have to win CE
    another that's gone to be just
    an old people use of begins
    building a facility like the
    timing and knew of the drum down
    in a
    bull ways, the one the superior
    weapons when it comes to
    destroying building material
    and Oman a lot of people of the
    takasugi brown but all great
    things must come to an end to
    the winners of this pig
    explanation the dispute in use
    leaf your best of sometimes
    the bloody ball
    and ager when Anderson
    the discerning scene of an
    assertion that the Jeffrey
    Estelle did and how a lot of fun
    with them and honestly I think
    it does take a lot of people
    have when the first in the
    streaming that they feel it in
    the triple its fulltime job raft
    of that mess never we should do
    this isn't always the case of
    the majority of concentrators
    that you more than likely enjoy
    watching starting cream deals
    purely as a hobby before they
    were even making any money off
    of the ID two for allegedly like
    to war two and half years before
    I made a single sent off of any
    anything that ended
    than like
    these, come from a just a
    passion to create content
    busy all do that
    if your motivation is never too
    the renovation is just to make
    money like you make money of the
    rock you'll make a lot of money
    that's your main objective but
    you'll never have like influence
    regular become one of those
    features everybody looks up to
    the attempted to do
    a role players mandatory 23
    people left scheduling down fast
    we had at least like, say two or
    three kills at least two kills
    of the sprain us injury and
    should easily be able to do
    about the timing from his law
    school Deans as I have been
    rocking is my primary subs
    continuously used like
    cha can they are not be the most
    Michaels was a desk as
    leaders of this came the fees to
    replace anything does not to
    become like the next AR I don't
    it now known as ever to run this
    is a primary and think
    that Iran may be new cities like
    really really
    but I've read about this thing
    long range so long range of this
    opportunity and all they carry
    to that as many Salinas Albion
    are optimistic actually more
    fortunately it's fun but arsenic
    by Max material
    body chest use a room to nothing
    in the auction take this data
    from second miles will
    bind where is the more players
    Agassi's to keep any decision
    there's a game a couple games
    you're really machine really
    landed salty we stayed there for
    almost the entire game I think
    we really landed and Ivan salter
    they just
    that and reuse process that was
    at hand skis cast as shimmering
    is named these action issuers at
    the fed noted in the actions
    both back
    by the dynamic economy and just
    one down think so
    by into traps of this
    catalog rather be cheaper than
    the all actually know yet
    mistaken maids to say in how
    much RPG and ago I have the
    Bio six shots as well worth it,
    ideally just turned 20 Michigan,
    at 10 days ago
    a Los seven does 1 to 20
    and no longer
    or uses ensure a variety of a
    name yet because he's German or
    like they're lazy chairman of
    the action issue a
    jury dislodge a name
    it said the cat out with a bang
    the the last of a just a salty
    that I can feel like he actually
    don't sell faction
    and use a personal issue that is
    refinery number they should have
    the rift
    the selling parties to be a
    science are
    back at the crime is little idea
    for a lefty corn muffins can I
    am still carnage in the
    strangest the rangy hands
    by dinner FS was good pair she
    and on the very first player we
    the trouble that one play
    somebody Spanish with the storm
    their guide was such that
    all my
    grief all
    by the
    Thai E indeed as art;
    and we have downloaded upgrade
    away with us on this one basil
    weapon of white said people left
    by the grandest as the old my
    goodness in half of two most
    ideal and make was that this
    by way of their homes to jump
    and be about, not in Boston
    that one more half of
    and Selanne half offer a
    battle interest now spends much
    of an
    it since a seven to a direct
    locations every year I do have
    his wrist map the one my friends
    down a few common reader
    something that's not the shelves
    were like the lottery's 10 to
    at 88 style of all respond
    locations are no active and
    actually is
    that she shows all respond
    it should become pretty relying
    on that
    and get all the way to Riyadh is
    realize that schism blue-chip
    and state final interview
    budgeted an NTSC
    this guy smart
    in all the more likely to take
    either here find up on this low
    reached the skies left
    the high ground
    bully and laser brother
    it said that I did all the
    delights of an
    stuff that
    but at what I mean
    tat Elsa need this
    by a few days
    by the dissident
    by this
    all I title of this title tools
    write a lot
    and a
    battle of any error actually
    dropped the
    bag at all
    all I had in my event orders the
    shock and I've got a blue pot of
    such a deed is the
    bed of that only good news
    to send me down
    soon the city has
    budgeted brawl
    behind so picture now sessions
    its land
    tell about the beach at
    it take
    reason for doing so much at
    this cute little heads are the
    bench at the Douglas
    and that daddy of a
    byte three people left not a
    double digit kill game
    some tells me you until the
    the nation's midsection and all
    the small and she'll what
    Shaq, without only the fire them
    in the half if
    to get the value that is all a
    more limited fouled and
    at three people left
    and wheels menus of their
    and prefer to have some very few
    bars not
    been these are your chat
    and a
    group of these guys
    this number are a
    they'll run the day
    the 85
    cheese to possession lasers what
    the heck
    in search of the staff are less
    than to more sense to discuss
    the shield men
    and seven lookout is that we
    the snipers waiting
    10 where she left
    the stand and his bedside
    duties by the same with a lot
    to EC Sunday that the licensee
    not alive and
    that USG kind of bad
    that U.S. and she kind that
    he has added a live stream you
    have items already issued as:
    job like subscribers will be
    guys knew when you subscribed
    you will see names appeared of
    these can't
    their cells 40 visit where he'll
    sign is so dark out deny the
    reigning I die satellite for
    almost 2 hours are now
    dimensional exhausted as I did
    not sleep at all last night so
    they were delighted on that
    note, the shorter morning stream
    by Selby has done a less
    aggressive job like subscribed
    if you are new we subscribe it
    appeared of the skin or 1 to
    465,000 subjects not for about
    two way you a short sale of we
    had a lender a dull, we're a
    small issuer as usual was one of
    us and jury
    can't go in some some of
    an ominously for little bit, and
    and like a sandwich I get my new
    microphone setup so hopefully
    have that ability as the time I
    live stream 10 nights and Asia
    guys have a notification stains
    on condition he has to be here
    we test of the microphone I'm
    hoping there'll be no issues
    with a
    the a crossfire in hope to get a
    just and bob hight
    when range at
    while I kiss them down the sky
    looks again Schumer
    , for low was cold out here
    retirees 70 small little old
    body houses in a customized,
    until one, 91 charity of NAZI a
    Spanish bomb which
    Borden USG game play top player
    by one of the scam and this and
    you're attacked USG altering the
    sketchy FX wait out the sky
    conference, four at the end of
    the students is due to grinder
    and 99% share of seven summit
    else either illegal and rain
    shown some of this and
    overbought over issued as
    unopposed like a niche at what I
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