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John Mutter, Director, PhD in Sustainable Development

John Mutter, Director, PhD in Sustainable Development
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    The PhD Program in Sustainable Development at SIPA was really created as a response
    as a response to the growing recognition
    that most of the really important problems that we're dealing with in the world today,
    and expect to be dealing with in the future,
    are not problems that can be solved by natural scientists alone,
    or by social scientists alone.
    These problems all fall in the nexus between physical systems and social systems.
    Therefore, we demand that our students are expert in both areas,
    something that isn't done anywhere else.
    We need people who are very quantitative,
    very dedicated,
    and are willing to take coursework in an economics department
    and in an earth science department,
    and come out with a unique PhD degree
    and they'll be the world leaders in researching these problems.
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