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Guilford Profile - Jennifer King '06

Guilford Profile - Jennifer King '06
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    I work with the other wide receiver coaches, so kind of whatever they need me to do right now
    But, I'll do some things on the field as far as practice, and just help out any way I can.
    It's been really exciting so far, just learning from them, and they have a great coaching staff.
    The NFL has a big push for diversity, and I was fortunate enough to attend a symposium
    in February, down in Orlando.
    Me and Coach Rivera from the Panthers kind of hit it off and built a relationship, and
    we reached out to each other after the symposium and was able to work out a position for me there.
    If I was king for a day I'd be coaching in the NFL, you know now, obviously, I have to
    work and grind it out.
    But, I think I've put myself in a good position, and now it's kind of up to me to do the work and be a good coach.
    This is not my only moment, this is kinda the beginning for me, it's not the end.
    So, learning everything that I'm learning from the coaches there, but just being prepared
    for the next move, hopefully in the NFL.
    You have to put the work in in so many areas to be successful, in athletics and in life.
    You really have to grind it out, "you can't chill your way to greatness", that's one of
    my favorite quotes, and it's true.
    You gotta do some things you don't want to do sometimes, and put yourself in a position
    to be where you want to get to in life.
    I think obviously the biggest challenge as a player, because I play football now, is
    just the respect factor of women playing tackle football is kinda new.
    You know, I think there's a lot of women who are athletic enough and could compete at the
    high level that we play in the WFA.
    But, sometimes they're scared or people are talking about "women don't play football",
    those types of things.
    I think that's so old school now.
    You know, it's real football, people are super athletic, super fast, and it's normal 11 on 11 football.
    Some of my best memories at Guilford are just hanging out with my teammates and the other students there.
    We had a good time there, and all those friendships that I've built from Guilford, I still talk
    to a ton of people that I went to school with, so I think that's been the best part about Guilford.
    Obviously, entering college you come from your little bubble from high school, and then
    you're suddenly somewhere where there's all types of people.
    Guilford laid the groundwork for me for diversity, which is obviously huge in coaching.
    I think Guilford's just a great place to be.
    It's so welcoming and it's not a super small school, but it's a nice sized school as far
    as having personal relationships with professors and meeting a lot of new friends there.
    Greensboro's an awesome city, so I loved my four years at Guilford and a lot of my friends did as well.
    I think it's just a great place to be.
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