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Danai Gurira on Telling New Stories | BREAKING BIG | PBS

Danai Gurira on Telling New Stories | BREAKING BIG | PBS
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    - How many of you are from Eastern Africa?
    - [Woman] Yeah.
    - Oh, that's a lot.
    Southern Africa?
    - [Man] Me. (crowd cheers)
    - I'm so sorry I won't be here this weekend.
    I have to go back to the States tonight,
    but I'm going to give you a little present.
    That is, go watch Black Panther this weekend.
    (crowd cheers)
    I'm just thankful I got to be a part of it.
    It sort of shows that world where we think beyond
    whatever trauma we've experienced as a continent
    and we reclaim, we reclaim ourselves in our greatness
    and we find our way to our best modernity.
    This continent is powerful and wealthy
    and has astounding potential.
    We have to reclaim ourselves,
    reclaim the power of who we just are.
    - [Narrator] Between The Walking Dead
    and the world-wide phenomenon, Black Panther,
    Danai Gurira is in high demand.
    But for her, the success isn't as important
    as the opportunity to share the untold stories
    about her homeland, Zimbabwe.
    - Zimbabwe was in a very prosperous place in the '80s
    and the first half of the '90s,
    but there was a lot of work going on
    around women's rights in Zimbabwe when I was growing up.
    (melodic music)
    In the early '80s,
    women couldn't have their own bank account,
    but by the mid-80s they could.
    And then there was inheritance rights.
    Can a woman inherit the land and inherit the property?
    And that's the whole issue
    of the men being the inheritors just by right,
    and various other things.
    Even marital rape, which in a lot of societies
    it's actually not considered a thing,
    and Zimbabwe actually got to the point
    where it's on the books that it is.
    I had a passion for women being considered equals
    starting from a child, really.
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