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Commemorating 50 years of Peace Corps Fiji

Commemorating 50 years of Peace Corps Fiji
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    This week, Peace Corps celebrates 50 years of service in Fiji.
    Since the program was established in 1968, over 2,495 Volunteers have served alongside their communities.
    Currently, there are more than 60 Volunteers in Fiji working with their communities on projects in youth development.
    The anniversary is being celebrated throughout the week with a traditional sevusevu welcome ceremony, reunion gatherings, visits to Volunteer sites and a celebration at the U.S. embassy.
    The week will culminate with the launch of a Peace Corps exhibit at the Fiji National Museum in Suva.
    The exhibit will feature photos, books and articles that highlight the 50 years of friendship between Fijians and Peace Corps Volunteers.
    Congratulations on 50 years, Peace Corps Fiji!
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