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Biophysics at the coffee machine

Biophysics at the coffee machine
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    The coffee machine is essential,
    because it brings people from neighbouring labs together.
    And sometimes, a chat at the coffee machine saves you a half a year of work,
    because a colleague has the important information to jump-start and go ahead.
    So what we focus on is doing experiments which have not been done before,
    or which typically you can't do in a chemistry lab because they are too complicated.
    So we focus on micro-scale arrangements, microfluidics,
    and on recreating conditions which could have been present on the early earth
    with all the boundary conditions from astrophysics.
    And figure out new ways of handling the molecules, shuttling the molecules,
    and combining them.
    We heat the molecules in a tiny rock pore, which we rebuild for the experiment.
    The molecules then accumulate as they oscillate between hot and cold zones.
    And in this primordial soup, we hope that Darwinian evolution gets going.
    Half of our team members come from physics background.
    And we have to teach them all the chemistry and biology.
    The other half is international.
    We get people together from all across the world and create a melting pot,
    not only of disciplines but also of backgrounds and origins.
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