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Annual Report 2017

Annual Report 2017
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    Tampere University of Technology produces new knowledge and expertise
    for the benefit of people and the environment.
    Our University keeps a close eye on the future needs of society,
    so that we can continuously develop, among others, our degree programmes.
    In 2017 TUT was the first university in Finland
    to introduce a major in robotics.
    We have also launched a new module in circular economy
    with financial support from the Finnish Innovation Fund Sitra.
    We saw an impressive 18 per cent increase in applications
    and admitted more than 1,300 new students in 2017.
    The most popular choices among applicants were
    Industrial Engineering and Management, Architecture, and Information Technology.
    In 2017, TUT conferred 733 master's degrees in technology or architecture
    and 79 doctoral degrees.
    TUT celebrated its ninth doctoral conferment ceremony in May 2017.
    Doctoral degrees were formally conferred on
    163 doctoral graduates and 10 honorary doctors.
    TUT pursues high-impact research.
    Among others, our research on light-controlled materials
    and electronic nose technology and its medical applications
    attracted widespread interest in Finland and abroad.
    Our achievements in signal processing,
    especially machine vision, also received international attention.
    We have continued to strengthen our international profile
    by joining the European Consortium of Innovative Universities.
    TUT signed new partnership agreements last year.
    One of our most important new partners is Rolls-Royce.
    We work together to develop remotely controlled and autonomous vessels.
    As our University enjoys a solid financial position,
    we have been able to make adjustments in response to a decrease in our operating budget.
    TUT's balance sheet has remained strong,
    and allows us to invest more than 8 million euros
    in the development of our research environments in 2018.
    Our fund-raising campaign that ended in 2017
    raised 6.3 million euros.
    Thank you to all our donors!
    The donations allow our University, for example, to explore
    new research avenues and develop learning environments.
    We are in the process creating a new higher education community
    made up of Tampere University of Technology, the University of Tampere and Tampere University of Applied Sciences.
    The new Tampere University will begin
    its operations on 1 January 2019.
    Tampere University of Technology is ready to join the new strong,
    multidisciplinary university
    and tap into the opportunities that it offers
    to further promote the reputation of Tampere
    as a hub of expertise in technology.
    Please read our Annual Report to find out more about last year's highlights.
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