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Welcome to the New ADS

Welcome to the New ADS
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    Hi, and welcome to the new ADS. While things may look a little different,
    the content you're used to is still the same. And we've added new features to make it
    easier to find the papers you're looking for, and some you didn't even know you needed.
    Let's take a quick tour. The main search form has one search box,
    similar to modern search engines. But if you prefer a classic look and feel, we have
    that covered too. And note that you can bookmark this form directly, if you'd like.
    Searching in the one box search is similar to searching in a search engine:
    type all of your search terms and press Enter. For the best results, use search
    tags when you know which field you want to search. You can either click on a
    search tag above, or from the menu, or you can start typing a tag and press Enter
    to accept the autocomplete suggestion. And yes, the caret operator still works
    for first author searches.
    If your search returns too many results, use the filters
    to narrow your search results instead of starting over.
    For example, filter based on author name, refereed status, or publication. Or narrow
    the results based on a range of publication years.
    For this search, results are sorted by publication year, with newest results first. You can also
    sort by citation count to return the most highly cited records first, or try
    sorting by read count, which sorts records on the number of reads and
    downloads over the last 90 days.
    For more help transitioning to the new ADS,
    check out our help pages, especially our Quick Start guides.
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