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Trying Japan’s Famous Black Ramen

Trying Japan’s Famous Black Ramen
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    - [Narrator] This is black ramen.
    And this dish in particular
    is a five-time national champion.
    But its origins came from a restaurant
    a few paces down the road.
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    Toyama is a coastal city in the northeast of Japan.
    It is known worldwide for one thing in particular.
    And that is its signature Toyama black ramen.
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    The recipe originated back in 1947 from one man.
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    Traditionally, ramen broth is made from pork or miso.
    When these were not available, Mr. Aoiki
    looked to what was around, and that was soy sauce.
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    If you want to try Toyama black ramen,
    you have to go to Toyama.
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    And one of those is Ramen Iroha,
    whose black ramen, as we said earlier,
    is often heralded as the best ramen in the country.
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    This signature dish of the region
    draws in crowds from around the country and the world.
    And the claim of best ramen in Japan
    makes the draw that much more intense.
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