Pothole Detection Tech Irons Out the Bumps for All-New Ford Focus

Pothole Detection Tech Irons Out the Bumps for All-New Ford Focus
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    Potholes are appearing across Europe
    at a faster rate than many governments can repair them
    and they don't just make journeys uncomfortable.
    Harsh impacts with severe potholes,
    can also damage your car
    and leave you with hefty repair bills.
    Ford is helping a limit the impact of damaged roads
    for drivers of the all-new Ford Focus.
    By introducing
    pothole detection technology.
    The system senses when wheels fall into a pothole
    and adjust the suspension
    to stop them falling far into it
    dramatically limiting the harsh impact on vehicle and occupants.
    It then sends a signal to the rear suspension
    so that it's prepared in advance
    to help protect the wheels from the hazard.
    Ford developed the system on some of the worst public roads in Europe
    and on a specially created test track
    with precise replicas of potholes
    and road hazards from around the world
    that mirror daily driving scenarios
    Ford owners might encounter.
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