Miles From Tomorrowland American Animated Memorable Moments Episode 975 - Pink Monkey

Miles From Tomorrowland American Animated Memorable Moments Episode 975 - Pink Monkey
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    Now that's what I call a balanced breakfast day
    That's not all
    Captain Callisto, guess what? So I want to tell her you always say the fun stuff
    Why do I only get to tell her about emergencies in why does it have Grandma and Grandpa's last name?
    I've never heard of it and neither has my bracelex
    Weird. Well only a few people have ever seen it you can see it though
    I have a picture Crick you build it captain Callisto
    The Liang comet has never come this close to a planet
    We need to know how it will defense so much to me to continue my ancestors work and if we miss this chance
    We'll never get another
    mission accepted
    Okay crew we don't have much time to the comic comes close to courts on the
    Fastest way to the planet is through this accretion disk
    Stellar job leo, we're halfway through and making good time
    Way to go dad, huh nice piloting leo, of course not
    You mean we're stuck here but their mom I'll get this easily uncommon
    Did you forget already art jumping powers just energy so we can use our energy
    You can put my equipment here. I'll set up the comet lab are you
    Stay close in case I don't okay, buddy
    Whoa, just try to keep the equipment steady
    We're good the comet should pass above don't feel bad mom. You'll get to study the Liang comet another time
    Thanks star shine, but I'm not sure I'll get the chance
    Guys sure are strong. You gotta try. Ah
    Not a very happy captain's day
    Wait did a TTA mission accomplished?
    Let's see, this is the best captain's day ever and I'm the luckiest captain ever
    The mystery of atlantic's
    Wow, how do you do that? I wrote a grooming coach with Laura
    Somewhere under all that OSHA they'll be helping us with our mission on the seafloor superstellar
    How wonderful that the iota could join
    How are we getting down to the sea floor I'll do it, please picking us up in a submarine. Nope
    I made a few mods will mode kalisto's meet the CJ
    impressively Oh
    More like oceanic look we're coming to our home Thank You Kree. I love it down here place to live
    Space-tastic is it that we get to have a mission together. I know I hope we can help
    Or are they fish robot fish captain, Callisto?
    ORP stands for ocean roaming probe
    They're basically the coolest things that kind of print but when we sent some orbs to look for the mapping drone
    The entire school in that area had also vanished Wow
    You know, it could be for the same reason so pip you're really building this all by yourself
    Yeah, but so far all I can make it do is turn on and off
    It kind of reminds me of the island the plan on long. We wanted to surprise you boys. That is I'm very so really
    Quickly reporting for duty. Addy you sailor?
    the search area covers five square miles
    It'll go much faster if we split up split up like swimming in our spacesuits
    The jetter isn't the only thing what about pip I live here. Remember I have my own aqua mode
    And to help us travel through all that up were rockin
    Missing mapping drone found galactic work mile
    Ever seen
    Bracelex camera mode
    It's some kind of deep-sea whirlpool or vortex. That can't be natural. I don't think it is
    What do you see buddy spectral eyescreen zoom a hitter code
    I could tell them to turn off deer all spinning in the same direction
    So they must be talking to each other could another orb send that code? Yeah, but mine's at home
    Oh behind it
    Oh Oh No, it's coming back this way
    It's not starting up
    When the iota speaks orbs listen
    Any time
    We make a blastastic team
    Thanks miles. I think so, too
    Hey pip
    Maybe you can teach me from now on we'll make sure the orcs are better insulated so that won't happen again
    Don't even think about
    The great blastboard chase
    Hold our files see what I got
    See the blackboard like moonshredder but this baby has tons of mods mods what our minds
    modifications things I edit myself take turbo jets grab stabilizers jar less
    Dad do I do it now after we finish our mission right now your mom and I need to set up that radar station
    But we'll be back soon Merc. Keep an eye on him
    If you need us, we're just a quitter
    Anything how about we check out some alien wall carvings. That's a game. It's better
    Thousands of years ago the alien species known as the builders man
    Now I really wish I had my blastboard
    Hey, where'd it go Merc we gotta get dad's Ward back
    Here let's go. Do you see anything?
    Yeah, you saw it yes did that say you could borrow my own shredder well, they're not exactly out loud
    Who knows where it went or
    Maybe I'll just tell Dad later
    Okay mark, you're right
    Oh, hey kiddo. I see. I'm really sorry dad
    Miles, I'm not happy that you didn't ask permission, but I am glad you told me the truth
    That means a lot it comes back when I call it moonshredder returned
    Hmm that means it must be stuck somewhere. Let's find it
    We already searched. Hey Phoebe. We'll meet you at the starjetter miles
    And I have something to take care of before we rock it. Sounds good
    Aha, according to this moonshredder is right in there
    And we better tell them about that too
    Isn't a good time I'll call you back we're
    Finished translating the alien writing on the caves and I know what the ground shakers are big. Alien. Dinosaur mom's. Okay, dad
    Won't try to return
    She's catching up and he's following our every move but maybe that's a good thing miles
    Did you say you wanted to learn that trick I show
    Way to rocket guys I
    Think it's time. We left
    Thank goodness you're all safe
    Yeah, I appreciate your apology miles and after your space chores
    We'll print you a new blast board so you won't have to borrow mine. Can we mod it out - oh you definitely inboard extenders
    You're back
    Dad did you okay?
    Yeah, I'm fine. But what did I trip on? Oh
    I'm guessing these booster bites are yours
    How did those booster bites get on the floor anyway Oh merc and I were pretending to be ground
    The gyrostabilizer zombies fuck and that's what seatbelts are for everybody. Okay
    Not sure we can say the same for the starjetter
    As you can see sir our ship had a pretty bad crash and we're stranded a long way from home well join the club
    I'm sorry. You should be spectryx from the planet parallax so you don't live here
    I do not and I'd be headed home right now if it wasn't for you
    Hey speck
    Guess he was pretty upset about a ship getting wrecked. Yeah. I know the feeling
    The starjetter is missing some parts
    They must have broken off and scattered when we crab gather as many as you can find there sap is like glue
    It's sticky enough to help us put the jetter back together
    Something tells me we're gonna need a lot of SAP
    It was right here I just saw it and now
    Gone, do you expect me to believe it just vanished into thin air?
    Probably not
    Did you well think again?
    Beard like spectryx and I weren't seeing the same things Merc. Can you take over for a nanosec?
    Spectryx has different eyes than we do. He sees things in infrared here. I'll show you infrared activate
    Spectryx can't see through glass. Nope heat doesn't go through glass so spectres can't see it and he can't see anything
    That's really cold either of ship, but he could be gone by then, huh? I know Merc and I can go find him
    Spectryx, hey spectryx, uh, where do you go?
    We can't give up yet buddy you need to find
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