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Meet Coca-Cola Flag Bearer – Mariam Shalan

Meet Coca-Cola Flag Bearer – Mariam Shalan
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    Coca Cola presents: The Saudi Flag Bearers
    At the opening game of the FIFA World Cup
    6 extraordinary Saudi girls will raise their national flag.
    My name is Mariam Sha'lan, and I'm a professional free diver
    Free diving for girls in Saudi Arabia is a normal thing for me
    But when I look and see how many female free divers there are
    You can count them on a single hand
    I'm proud and happy to be one of the 6 Coca-Cola Flag Bearers
    It's an honor for me to represent
    Saudi Arabia at the FIFA World Cup in Russia
    Mariam meets the other Flag Bearers

    How long can you hold your breath underwater?
    I can hold my breath for 4 and a half minutes
    Really? Yes.
    I feel that she is aware
    of how far she can get
    And that's a good quality in a person, that...
    even if you fall down, you can bring yourself back up
    Personally, it's amazing to witness the change that's happening
    to our country, to ourselves, to the youth and to everyone
    In addition to that
    they are a very promising generation and the opportunities that are available to them
    weren't available for the generations before them
    So, if they use the opportunities right...
    I think we'll prosper in ways we can't imagine.
    I think that Saudi Arabia is on a beautiful path
    A path with a lot of opportunities
    The taste of change is knowing that the future is one big opportunity for us

    These 6 girls will make history in Russia.
    We don't have girls who settle for normal
    Who are afraid of a challenge.
    Who don't have an imagination.
    Who are not ambitious.
    Or who don't express themselves
    We don't have girls who give up easily
    Change has a taste.
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