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How to educate about abortion

How to educate about abortion
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    Every day around the world women face
    unplanned pregnancies and they often like
    the information they need to make
    informed decisions about their health.
    Abortion is rarely taught about in schools.
    When teaching is given, it's
    often impractical, inaccurate and even
    This forces women to rely on
    information from friends, family and the
    media, which can be inaccurate and unclear.
    Myths spread through communities
    causing confusion and stopping people
    from accessing medical advice and care.
    So when we educate others about abortion
    how can we ensure our information is
    practical and reliable?
    Firstly, create a safe space free of stigma.
    There may be women in your group who have experienced
    unplanned pregnancy and abortion. Don't
    stigmatize people who have abortions who
    become young parents or who choose
    You can create a respectful atmosphere by agreeing group rules at
    the start of the session.
    Secondly, there are lots of harmful myths about abortion
    you can avoid spreading them by
    researching topics carefully. You should
    only use evidence-based information from
    reputable organizations.
    As an educator, you don't need to share your own views
    on abortion, just present the facts
    clearly and respectfully.
    Finally, discussion is good but don't let your
    workshop turn into a debate; it can
    easily become stigmatizing for group members.
    Use practical exercises like
    role-playing, quizzes and creating
    problem trees. These can help you invite
    conversation while focusing on facts and respect.
    You won't be able to cover
    everything in your workshop so connect
    your group with health services
    information and counseling at the end of each session.
    You can find out more about
    abortion education by taking a look at
    our detailed guide
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