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A’s, B’s and O’s at the heart of healing #MissingType

A’s, B’s and O’s at the heart of healing #MissingType
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    When I was born, I had two missing piece of my heart.
    I have complex congenital heart disease.
    I needed surgery when I was two days old or I wouldn't have survived.
    Jacqueline required surgery as a newborn and subsequent surgeries.
    And for each of those surgeries, it required blood to circulate around through her body
    during the operation.
    To provide those lifesaving operations, it's essential to have blood products readily available.
    When Jacqueline was almost 9 years old, she was going in for a second open heart surgery.
    We got a call on the way to the surgical floor.
    There was not enough blood to operate on her safely.
    Something was wrong.
    There wasn't enough O- blood.
    They said, "you can't have surgery."
    What's going to happen?
    I thought I was going to die.
    We don't really truly realize the absolute importance of blood until it's really us or our family.
    We never know when there's going to be a tragic occorance, so we really have to keep in mind
    not just the here and now, but the need, the necessity of having blood products available
    both in the weeks, months to even years ahead.
    If I was talking to Red Cross blood donors, I would say thank you.
    Your helping save someone's life.
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