Aaron Terrazas

Aaron Terrazas
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    My name is Aaron Terrazas Morales and I am on the men's UTEP golf team.
    I involved myself in golf at a very early age, around 7,
    because I lived on, pretty much right on the golf course.
    And I was able to go there and practice. And there was a little tournament there going on.
    They invited me and my parents agreed to put me in the tournament.
    From there, I just went on and I loved the game.
    I fell in love with the process of getting better at that early age.
    And that's what I've been doing since then — just trying to get better each day.
    In golf, it's just you and your mistakes and you get better
    and everything that happens is a consequence of what you have put in.
    And I really like that. I always go into practice with a mindset that I need to get better today.
    And the most important practice session is the one today.
    At the beginning of this year and last year, I made myself,
    I wanted to do very well on the golf course.
    But that comes from putting in the effort in the gym,
    at practice and I think that has paid off.
    And that's all I want to do, get better each day and get better each practice session.
    My process of getting to UTEP is because I went to a different school my freshman year
    and part of my sophomore year where I wasn't playing very much. And I wasn't playing my best.
    However, I just decided to go to another school where I could play
    and where I could obviously pursue my goals after college.
    The first day I came to UTEP, I felt like this was the right place for me.
    Culture is great. Me coming from Mexico especially, it feels a lot like home.
    Team members are fantastic.
    I think we had a great team last year and this year we've had a pretty good year.
    And I think that that really made the difference. Coach Scott has also made a big difference on me.
    This means everything to me.
    I think that without this scholarship,
    I wouldn't be able to pursue my goals after college,
    which is getting a degree in communications and pursuing a professional golf career after I graduate.
    So, I don't have enough words to explain how grateful I am to receive this scholarship because
    otherwise I wouldn't be sitting here and thanking the people that have made this possible for me.
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