You're invited: LIVE Q&A with Photography Curator Sarah Meister (May 23) – Send us your questions!

You're invited: LIVE Q&A with Photography Curator Sarah Meister (May 23) – Send us your questions!
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    We have this one that was actually published in The New York Times
    and you can see all the airbrushing all over it.
    During the Live Q&A, we can even take this out and look at it from the front and the back
    which is really great.
    Hi, I'm Sarah Meister.
    I'm a curator here in the Department of Photography at The Museum of Modern Art.
    And we're here in our collection storage space which is super cold
    which is why I'm wearing a parka.
    Over the last few months, we've been doing a new Live Q&A series on MoMA's YouTube channel.
    So since May is National Photography Month, we thought it would be fun to do one about photography
    We're going to explore lots of questions coming from you
    but some of them might have to do with:
    Why is it so cold here in the collection storage?
    Or how do we select what prints we put on the walls?
    How do we choose which print if we have more than one from a given negative?
    Or why do analog photos matter in the digital era?
    We'll answer both questions and I hope a whole lot more.
    You can leave them in the little comments section below.
    And of course, you can submit them live on Wednesday, May 23 at 3:00 p.m. New York time.
    We also thought it would be fun to pull out a few photographs
    by some of your favorite photographers
    so please list those in the comments section as well
    and we'll pick a few of those to share with everyone.
    So until then, enjoy these videos on MoMA's YouTube channel
    and be sure to subscribe so you get an alert when we go live.
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