Which Of These People Will Become Instagram Famous?

Which Of These People Will Become Instagram Famous?
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    - Hello, my name is Jazzmyne
    and let me tell you a little bit about
    my new show, Feed Famous.
    It's a social media modeling competition
    where we take real, unfiltered beauties
    from all across the country
    ^and make them battle it out in weekly photo challenges.
    But there's only one rule:
    You can only use your phone.
    We received over 1,000 submissions.
    We were looking for the bold, the fierce,
    the confident, and the authentic.
    And we finally got it down to our top six contestants.
    - Oh my god!
    - I would love for you to be a part of this competition.
    - Are you serious?
    - Yes!
    I'm so excited!
    - I'm crying!
    - [Jazzmyne] Katie is a gorgeous girl from Dallas, Texas.
    She is passionate, driven, and a total dreamer.
    - I'm hoping to bring a lot of spunk
    and a whole lot of smizzing to this competition.
    - [Jazzmyne] Rosie lives in Los Angeles
    and is our oldest competitor at 48 years old.
    - I don't believe that anything should limit you.
    So being chosen, I'm gonna start to cry.
    Very emotional.
    It's just really an affirmation
    that nothing can hold you back.
    - [Jazzmyne] Rosie is eccentric, bold,
    and not afraid to put herself out there.
    Next up is Oso.
    Oso is an effortlessly cool guy from Jacksonville, Florida.
    - Yo, I'm so excited to be a part of this.
    Super happy.
    Quite nervous, but I think more anxious than nervous.
    What a way to start the competition.
    - [Jazzmyne] You'll fall in love with
    his authentic street style.
    Next we have Victoria.
    - Oh my god! What me? Aah!
    - Who was originally from Venezuela
    and now lives in L.A.
    - You can be sure that I'm gonna bring fierceness,
    fashion like you've never seen before.
    - [Jazzmyne] When she's not working
    being a freaking paralegal,
    she's doing bombass photo grids with
    her vibrant style on her Instagram.
    - I'm about to bring it to the competition.
    - [Jazzmyne] Now we have the fabulous Enthony.
    Whether he's rocking a totally beat face
    or a natural look, Enthony can't help but stand out.
    - Being free is like the greatest thing
    that you can do for yourself.
    And that's why I wanna be a voice for people that are
    scared to be themselves.
    - [Jazzmyne] And his feed is literally art.
    Last but not least,
    Divinity is a unique, fierce woman from L.A.
    - I'm so excited and I'm gonna work really hard
    to prove that I deserve to be here.
    Gonna make everyone proud,
    make everyone laugh and slay.
    It's natch edges and flip wigs and it's going to be great!
    - [Jazzmyne] Divinity's had a lot of hard times
    throughout her life,
    but prides herself on pushing through them.
    Each week these competitors have to
    complete a photo challenge only using their phone.
    Then, me and a celebrity guest judge
    will decide who has the best photo
    and who's being kicked off the feed.
    One of these six competitors is about to become
    Feed Famous.
    (midtempo electronic music)
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