Wheelock College 130th Anniversary

Wheelock College 130th Anniversary
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    Lucy's mission is absolutely timeless.
    I feel like the mission is as alive today
    as it was 130 years ago. It's not just words. It's not an admission slogan.
    It's a real mission that's being lived out in a real way every day at Wheelock.
    Lucy Wheelock was this small little woman, super strong and bold, ahead of her time and her mission lives on still.
    Her mission was really quite simple.
    That families in need needed their children to be developed effectively so that they
    could help the family to grow and become stronger.
    Everybody here whether you're student, staff, or faculty lives and breathes the mission.
    It's why people come here. It's why students choose it and it's
    what we measure everything against.
    I think the mission is a mindset. It's a lifestyle. I don't think it's just something you say, it's part of who you are.
    It's been carried forward by every generation that has come through the doors.
    33,000 alumni, over 130 years.
    Decades worth of professionals in the field, in education, in Social Work, in Child Life,
    who all represent the goals and values and purposes of Wheelock College.
    I think she
    just would never have imagined the impact that her school had on society on
    the world
    When I read what their mission was it really resonated with what I wanted to
    do in the world and what I wanted to be when I grew up.
    I knew that I wanted to
    go somewhere that values social justice, that cares about not only children but their families.
    You walk on campus and you just get this sense of caring and
    the mission and all of that just kind of wraps you up and you realize this is a
    good place to be. It's a soft place to land in a big city.
    When students come in
    from high school and a lot of them come in really shy or really quiet, unconfident.
    I watch them go through the years
    in different leadership positions and different activities and just see them
    blossom like crazy.
    Once I got here, my desire to change the world just grew.
    At Wheelock, we are empowered to use our voices and speak out about any and everything
    we feel like we can help make better and that allows us all to come together
    closer as a community.
    Wheelock prepares all of its students to
    challenge the status quo and to think about education as an equalizer.
    When you come to Wheelock, you will develop the realization that you can
    make a difference.
    I really believe that the students here are social warriors
    and we're here to save the world.
    Our faculty and staff who come here because they're drawn to a place that
    prepares people who want to help people, who want to teach and advocate and
    counsel and support .
    Colleagues who want to work for social justice and
    support the next generation to do that as well.
    There's something about being part of
    this team that makes this a special place.
    You stay because you believe in this work
    The mission of our office, the Center for International Programs and Partnerships,
    has been to extend the overall mission of the College, of improving the lives of
    children and families, to expand that globally.
    The thing that puts me in great awe
    are the students that go out from here after they've graduated and
    they go to countries that aren't even necessarily very safe. And their mission
    is to make a difference in the world.
    We prepare them to to be ready to what it's
    like to go to a country that is different from your own and experiences that are very different,
    in a place that it's not necessarily well resourced.
    I think in in places where we've worked really deeply -- like Bermuda and the
    Bahamas and Barbados and Singapore -- our work has really impacted the entirety of
    the early childhood system.
    There's been so many changes in the past 130 years, so we're excited to be part of
    the future milestones and I think the Wheelock College students now who are
    leaving are going to make even bigger changes and bigger breakthroughs for our world.
    The Wheelock voice is going to continue to live on as we continue to
    grow it and evolve it, which is what the Wheelock voice has always done.
    Lucy Wheelock would be really proud of all those people that followed under her footsteps.
    Wheelock is regarded as just this real treasure of a place and people
    see our graduates as treasures.
    Your time at Wheelock will forever be embedded in
    you and I feel like that mission will forever live on.
    It's quite a legacy.
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