What's in Store: Mitscoots Outfitters

What's in Store: Mitscoots Outfitters
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    The greatest success we could ever have
    is to make someone no longer homeless.
    You can't beat that.
    Mitscoots Outfitters is on a mission to help outfit and employ the homeless.
    We do that by donating an equal item for every item that is purchased,
    and we actually hire transitioning homeless to put it all together.
    MailChimp's predictive demographics feature helps me understand more about who I'm talking to,
    so I can refine my message to connect with them in the best way possible.
    Instead of just throwing a message into the wind, I'm able to see a bit more about the demographic information
    And then I can actually apply it towards our general marketing efforts,
    or even some of our product design.
    It helps me with long term projections, it helps me with consumer engagement,
    and it refines our message strategy over the long term.
    Our email list is one of the most valuable things I have.
    It's not just an email it's a relationship,
    and we don't want to be transactional.
    Knowing who we're talking to helps us build that relationship.
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