Virgin Hyperloop One | Building DevLoop

Virgin Hyperloop One | Building DevLoop
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    Going up to DevLoop for the first time
    was seeing just unbridled opportunity.
    You saw the desert completely bare,
    and you saw in your head, in your mind's eye
    what we were going to put there.
    I felt really confident because
    I have a tremendous confidence in the people that I work with,
    and the people on the team that I helped build.
    You've got teams from mechanical design,
    teams from computer engineering,
    and people who've worked on massive motor systems,
    massive rocketships, and aerospace, aerodynamic engineering.
    It was actually a really cool thing to see that
    once we were able to give good coordination
    and prediction to the manufacturing team
    actually building the motor,
    the construction and install team in Las Vegas
    was able to continue moving flawlessly
    and really pull in our timelines.
    The number of people we have in engineering
    and in other parts of the company
    that we can honestly say are the
    planetary masters of their art
    is significant.
    This thing that started as a sketch, an idea,
    and then live on this computer is now real,
    and it's welded and it's bolted and
    you can put your hands on it and you can hammer it,
    and then we actually assemble all the parts onto it
    and send it out to site,
    and you flip the power switch and it just comes to life.
    The first time the pod levitated is definitely,
    that's the moment where it's like,
    "Oh yes, it worked."
    That's really the engineering dream,
    to get to see that whole process through.
    We broke all hyperloop speed records.
    And to think we did we did all this in 10 months.
    We proved to the whole world that we can build
    safely, quickly, efficiently,
    and proved the technology works.
    This is just the beginning.
    Now what we're doing is
    we're optimizing, we're refining.
    So we're going to continue to do testing on that bed,
    we're going to do some optimization to the hardware,
    to the software, to the controls,
    to take us to the next level.
    I can't wait to see what we do next as a team.
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