UCLA prepares for Spring Sing 2018

UCLA prepares for Spring Sing 2018
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    My name is Shaina Mehta and I am the 2018 Spring Sing Executive Director.
    So as the director my role is to manage and oversee the entire planning process of
    Spring Sing from start to finish so right now our production team is just
    finishing up screwing on the lights to our truss and in a few minutes they're
    gonna raise that truss all the way up to the ceiling after that we're gonna start
    building our stage and once our stage is complete we're gonna put out chairs all
    on the floor and then after that we're gonna just finish up and make sure Pauley
    is all ready to go. This year we have 15 acts all of our groups practice in
    various places a lot of our bigger dance groups will practice in parking lot 4
    or reserved spaces in Wooden or even anywhere on campus so it's really a
    range of places that the students get together and work hard to make their
    piece show ready we have groups rehearsing til 4 a.m. sometimes and
    really putting their all into this show. During our show week we have tech
    rehearsals and a dress rehearsal here in Pauley Pavilion and then we also have Company
    who is our comedic troupe that helps us to transition the show and emcee yeah
    they sing they dance they put together both live skits and prepare an array of
    videos that get played during the show they're awesome they're really
    high-quality they're really funny so
    I got like 14 hours of sleep last night and took a six-hour now and then we also
    have stage crews who are our Bruins who help us put this all together and make
    it possible by building the stage and making sure everything runs smoothly
    backstage. It has been the best experience of my UCLA career.
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