TWC9: Post Build Edition, Surface Hub 2, GDPR Guides, and more

TWC9: Post Build Edition, Surface Hub 2, GDPR Guides, and more
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    >> Welcome back to another edition
    of This Week on Channel 9.
    I'm your host, Christina Warren Senior Cloud
    Developer Advocate and look,
    I know, I know the show has been
    on hiatus for like a month.
    I was in Brazil, we were busy with Build planning,
    then Build happened, and we did record an episode,
    but the audio got messed up.
    But, now we're back, and I promise we're ready
    to bring you the latest dev news.
    So, let's get into it.
    First up, Microsoft's Build took place last week,
    but if you're still trying to catch up,
    or want to check out some of the sessions you might have
    missed, we've got you covered.
    On both the Build website,
    and on our Microsoft Developer YouTube page,
    we've got all of the sessions from Build,
    all the live and recorded content from
    Build Live and all the keynotes.
    There are hundreds of hours of content on YouTube.
    Yours truly is working on
    organizing and tagging all that content
    to look better and be more easily
    accessible by a playlist.
    So, let us know if we can do more in the comments.
    For some of the biggest announcements in the Azure world,
    check out the Azure blog which has helpfully put
    together a link collection of everything announced.
    Thanks Azure Team for doing that
    because there was a lot of stuff.
    But just because Build is over,
    it doesn't mean that we don't have
    a ton of conferences coming up.
    Starting next week, the Azure Dev Tour APAC edition,
    so that's Australia, Pacific Area kicks off.
    Our Cloud Developer advocates and
    other Microsoft experts will be in Sydney,
    Australia; Auckland, New Zealand;
    Singapore; Seoul, South Korea; and more.
    Go to aka.MS/devtour to register.
    It's free and it's going to be a great time.
    For Windows fans, the Insider Dev Tour kicks off
    on June 12th in India and
    will be travelling across the globe.
    Check out the show notes for links
    to all the conferences.
    In Xamarin Tech News,
    James Montemagno has a great guide
    for cross-platform APIs for mobile apps.
    John Miller has a terrific guide for
    updating Xamarin Mac apps to 64-bit.
    GDPR is a topic that's in
    the news because it goes into effect on
    May 25th and it's going to
    impact more than just European developers.
    So, to find out what that
    means for your app or your website,
    you can watch Countdown
    or prepare for GDPR series and we'll have links to
    that below and Microsoft is also holding
    a GDPR live webcast on May 25th.
    In Harper news, Panos Panay
    announced the Surface Hub 2 this week.
    It will be available in 2019 and it looks amazing.
    It can also go into portrait mode now.
    I'm super excited about the Service Hub 2.
    Now, it's time for my pick of the week.
    Accessibility is something we
    care a lot about at Microsoft,
    but it doesn't always get
    enough attention especially in gaming.
    So, the Xbox team this week showed off
    a new Xbox One accessible controller
    known as the Xbox Adaptive Controller.
    I love what this means because it
    means that more gamers will be able to game.
    I love the story about how it came to be,
    and so you can check out the video
    in the show notes and learn more about it,
    and I love it.
    So, keep up the good work Xbox Team and go accessibility.
    Well, that does it for me, join us next week,
    and if you're watching on YouTube,
    be sure to like and subscribe for
    more great content. See you later.
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