Trump's "Spygate" Claims; Michael Cohen’s "Taxi King" Partner: A Closer Look

Trump's "Spygate" Claims; Michael Cohen’s "Taxi King" Partner: A Closer Look
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    -President Trump is now openly interfering
    in the criminal investigation of his campaign
    by peddling a baseless conspiracy theory.
    For more on this, it's time for "A Closer Look."
    [ Cheers and applause ]
    Trump's legal problems get worse every day.
    Just take the investigation of his personal attorney
    Michael Cohen, who set up a secret shell company
    to make hush payments to porn stars
    and allegedly took money from Ukraine
    to set up a meeting with Trump.
    And now it looks like one of Cohen's business partners
    is cooperating with prosecutors.
    -"The New York Times" just now
    publishing a report saying
    that a business partner
    of President Trump's long-time
    personal lawyer and fixer
    Michael Cohen has reached
    a plea deal, and will cooperate
    with federal investigators.
    -his is a potentially explosive
    development at this hour because
    it adds even more pressure
    on Cohen to flip and work with prosecutors.
    According to "The Times,"
    Michael Cohen's business partner
    is Evgeny Freidman. You see him there.
    His nickname, apparently, is the "Taxi King."
    -That's right. Michael Cohen's business partner
    was a guy called the Taxi King.
    [ Laughter ]
    Of course he also answers to Russian Guy Fieri,
    or [bleep] Bono.
    [ Laughter ]
    So, every day,
    every day we get new bombshells
    about the criminal investigation of Trump's campaign,
    but we can't lose sight of the fact
    that while all of this is happening,
    Trump is still supposed to be doing the job of president.
    It's like if you found out in the middle of your flight
    that your pilot was wasted,
    sure, you'd want him arrested,
    but right now, someone needs to tell him
    that the plane is upside down. [ Laughter ]
    And for Trump, the big thing he's supposed to be focused on
    right now is his upcoming summit with North Korea.
    Trump has been hyping this summit every way he can.
    His crowds have been chanting "Nobel" at his rallies,
    and his government even made a commemorative coin
    to celebrate the meeting.
    Look at that thing. [ Laughter ]
    That looks like the medal you'd get after running a 5K
    to fight chronic chinlessness.
    [ Laughter ]
    That looks like the coin you'd use to play ski ball
    at the Dave and Busters in Pyongyang.
    [ Laughter ]
    But, hey, the crowds are chanting "Nobel,"
    the government is making commemorative coins,
    so I assume when Trump met with
    South Korean President Moon Jae-in yesterday
    to discuss the meeting in Singapore,
    he assured the nation that everything
    is going according to plan.
    -The big topic will be Singapore and the meeting,
    see what happens, whether or not it happens.
    If it does, that will be great.
    It will be a great thing for North Korea,
    and if it doesn't, that's okay, too.
    Whatever it is, it is.
    We are working on something, and you know, there is a chance
    that it will work out. There's a chance.
    There's a very substantial chance it won't work out.
    So there is a very substantial chance
    that it won't work out, and that's okay.
    -What do you mean it might not work out?
    There's already a coin.
    [ Laughter ]
    It's like babe Ruth stepping into the box,
    pointing to left field, and then saying,
    "Or I might bunt."
    [ Laughter ]
    Trump then blamed Chinese President Xi Jinping
    for persuading Kim Jong-un to threaten to pull out
    of the summit in order to keep the U.S. off-balance.
    -I'm a little disappointed because when Kim Jong-un
    had the meeting with President Xi in China,
    the second meeting. The first meeting we knew about.
    The second meeting,
    I think there was a little change in attitude
    from Kim Jong-un. So I don't like that.
    -No, but I think that President Xi
    is a world-class poker player,
    and I probably may be doing the same thing that he would do.
    -No, you would not be doing the same thing.
    If he's a world-class poker player,
    you're still reading the instructions
    on the Candy Land lid.
    [ Laughter ]
    [ As Trump ] Says here...
    [ Cheers and applause ] board on flat surface.
    [ Laughter ]
    [ Normal voice ] It shouldn't surprise us that Trump
    is incompetent when it comes to foreign policy
    because diplomats who've worked with him have told us as much.
    This week for example, "The New Yorker" published
    an interview with a former ambassador to Panama,
    John Feeley, who described his first meeting with Trump
    in June 2017.
    [ Laughter ]
    Who knew? I don't know,
    Hillary, Bernie, Mitt, Marco,
    anyone who's ever heard of the Panama Canal,
    David Lee Roth.
    [ Laughter ]
    The most terrifying thing, though, is the degree to which
    Trump as President is exactly like the unhinged maniac
    we see in public.
    -This is a quote from the article
    describing your thoughts on the president, okay?
    You said in private he is exactly like he is on TV...
    -That's right. Trump is a velociraptor,
    but fortunately, as we've learned from Chris Pratt,
    all you need is a clicker to calm him down.
    [ Laughter ]
    [ As Trump ] This Russia hoax is a scam.
    It's a witch hunt.
    [ Normal voice ] Hold on, easy boy.
    [ Clicking ]
    Easy, boy.
    Can I get you a Diet Coke?
    [ Clicking ]
    [ Applause ]
    And everyone who works for Trump knows this,
    which is why they either quit or obediently do his bidding.
    Just take his Secretary of Homeland Security,
    Kirstjen Nielsen.
    Yesterday Nielsen was asked if she was aware
    of the intelligence community's assessment that Russia
    was trying to help Trump win the 2016 election.
    This assessment came all the way back
    in January 2017,
    and yet Nielsen acted like she didn't know anything about it.
    -I do not believe that
    I've seen that conclusion.
    That the specific intent
    was to help President Trump win,
    I'm not aware of that.
    -You're not aware of that?
    You're the Secretary of Homeland Security.
    That's like the Mayor of New York City
    saying he is not aware of delays on the subway.
    It's my understanding that the F train is always on time
    and smells like lavender.
    Although it's not surprising Trump's aides would pretend
    they're not aware of the basis for the Russian investigation
    because Trump himself has spent months doing everything he can
    to attack, and discredit that investigation,
    and now he is openly interfering in it
    right in front of our eyes. For example,
    it was reported that the FBI used an informant
    to talk to three Trump campaign officials
    who had contacts with Russians,
    but Trump as usual is taking it 10 steps further,
    claiming his campaign was spied on for political purposes,
    and today he took it to a deranged new level
    by trying to give his fake scandal a name.
    -The president began his day tweeting this about the FBI.
    -A lot of bad things have happened.
    We now call it Spygate.
    You're calling it Spygate.
    -[ As Trump ] You spell it like "spaghetti."
    [ Laughter ]
    [ Normal voice ] Also, you're the only one calling it Spygate.
    Trump is like a guy who tries to give himself
    a new nickname and pretends it's catching on.
    [ As Trump ] I'm Donald Trump, but everyone calls me D-Trizzy?
    [ Laughter ]
    [ Normal voice ] So now that Trump has cooked up
    a wild conspiracy theory,
    he is using that conspiracy theory
    to demand an investigation of the investigation.
    It would be scary if it weren't so transparent.
    Trump's only move is to just do to the FBI
    whatever the FBI is doing to him.
    He is like a drunk Eagles fan screaming at the cops,
    "I'm under arrest?! No, you're under arrest!"
    [ Laughter ]
    Trump's interfering in a criminal investigation,
    and he is doing it right before our eyes.
    If Robert Mueller charges Trump with obstruction of justice,
    he has a good case because there are 300 million witnesses.
    Thankfully, it's easy to see through Trump's lies
    because he is not exactly a --
    -World-class poker player.
    -This has been "A Closer Look!"
    [ Cheering and applause ]
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