Tough Crowd - Ruby Esther

Tough Crowd - Ruby Esther
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    I thought you were supportive.
    Oh no, we are.
    Well, it's not a career yet, is it?
    Is it?
    So, the other day I found a drawer in my parents'
    bedroom full of hair and teeth.
    Don't be alarmed, it turns out it was just my baby teeth
    and clips of hair from my first sort of haircuts and stuff.
    It was a bit alarming to find, especially since the teeth
    counted out to be more than one child's worth.
    I don't have any siblings.
    As soon as she started talking about looking through
    the drawers, there was a moment of like, "Wait, what?"
    I don't think she has been through the drawers,
    but I do have her teeth.
    When I found that, I think like anyone would think,
    I was like, "Argh, okay.
    "My parents are into Voodoo."
    Because I think Voodoo is a missed parenting tactic
    that should really be taken advantage of.
    And I'm not saying you guys would use it like an evil way,
    like you wouldn't do the evil kind of Voodoo.
    But you'd make like a little Voodoo doll.
    And you'd like make them brush their hair and teeth
    each night.
    And like, send them off to school each day, like a little
    Voodoo doll that's lookin' out for you and just wants the
    best, you know?
    And send them off with a good breakfast
    and go to school and get good grades, and a good career.
    Get them a little Voodoo boyfriend.
    That's just like obviously a silly thought.
    I know that's not what you're doing.
    You know, and I know that's not what you're doing
    because I'm missing the boyfriend, aren't I?
    Actually as a concept, it might work.
    I think it could have legs, really, yeah.
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