The Story Behind the Iconic Air Freshener

The Story Behind the Iconic Air Freshener
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    The design of this Little Trees car freshener goes way back to 1952 in Watertown, New York.
    And an unhappy milkman who was complaining to one of his customers
    about the bad smell of spoiled milk.
    Lucky for him, he was talking to Julius Samann, a Jewish chemist who'd fled from Nazi Germany
    and spent time living in the forests of Canada studying the aroma of alpine trees.
    After his chance encounter with the milkman, Samann started to create
    paper soaked in natural pine oil.
    A string was also attached to stop people getting the perfume all over their hands.
    The freshener was originally in the shape of a buxom pin up girl, but Samann changed
    his design to the pine tree we know today.
    This allowed the cellophane wrapper to be rolled down slowly, so the fragrance would
    last that little bit longer.
    As the automotive industry took off so did Little Trees.
    Filling the air with classics like Black Ice, Royal Pine, Vanillaroma
    and of course New Car Scent.
    Fragrant and affordable, this is the design that brings you
    the heady aroma of a Canadian woodland.
    Whether you're in a milk cart or a taxi cab.
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