The Rookie - Official Trailer

The Rookie - Official Trailer
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    Woman: Happy divorce day.
    So, what do you want to do next?
    When I figure it out, I'll let you know.
    Everyone on the floor now!
    [ Gun cocks ]
    Get down!
    -Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! -Hey! Get back down now!
    You want to die?
    But, honestly, have I really lived?
    This bank robbery is the most exciting thing
    that's happened to me in a lot of years.
    [ Siren wails ]
    Police! Drop the gun!
    You were really brave.
    We got some new blood this morning
    and some who were born before disco died.
    [ Laughter ]
    Officer Bishop, you get to ride with the 40-year-old rookie.
    Sergeant Grey does not appear to be
    a fan of my presence in this department.
    'Cause you're old as hell?
    You're about to hit the street
    with a loaded handgun and no idea what happens next.
    [ Tires screech, siren wails ]
    The unicorn -- he's laughing at me!
    I can handle unicorns, all right?
    This is what we train for.
    Go get him, boo.
    Do you think this is a joke?
    No, ma'am. I'm here to work,
    and I won't let you down.
    I don't like you, Officer Nolan.
    I hate what you represent -- a walking midlife crisis.
    And that will get my people killed.
    You know, I thought taking control of my life
    was gonna be liberating, but maybe I made a mistake.
    Show me what you got.
    ♪ There's a moment ♪
    ♪ In your bones when ♪
    ♪ When the fire takes over ♪
    So, how'd he do?
    He dove right in, even though there was a knife.
    I think there's value in having a rookie with his perspective.
    He deserves a chance.
    I thought I had to become someone else to do this job,
    that who I was before wasn't good enough.
    I earned my place here.
    And I'm not leaving.
    ♪ We can be heroes ♪
    ♪ Everywhere that we go ♪
    ♪ We can have all that we ever wanted ♪
    [ Gun cocks, fires ]
    [ Woman screams ]
    I became a cop to help people, not kill them.
    What happens next could change both of our lives.
    ♪ Keep your silver ♪
    ♪ Gimme that gold ♪
    ♪ You'll remember when I say ♪
    ♪ We're unstoppable ♪
    ♪ We're unstoppable ♪
    ♪ We're unstoppable ♪
    You tired, Officer Nolan?
    No, ma'am.
    Good. 'Cause we got eight hours left on our shift.
    ♪ We can be heroes ♪
    ♪ Everywhere we go ♪
    ♪ We can have all that we ever wanted ♪
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