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The despair of migrant entrepreneurs targeted by UK Home Office

The despair of migrant entrepreneurs targeted by UK Home Office
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    It's appalling.
    It's shocking the way the Home Office is treating me.
    They're accusing me of a crime, which I've never committed.
    I don't even have any traffic violations under my name.
    It's despair, uncertainty, loneliness.
    It's all these issues that can create havoc in one's life.
    And it's just unbearable.
    All the products that are sourced from China and Turkey,
    we stock them here and on the shelves
    on top over there on that side.
    This place used to be sort of empty.
    But as you can see, it's all chock-a-block.
    We've got products everywhere.
    Since we've doubled our return, we've got a huge product range.
    Saleem joined me in 2012.
    He's been here for nearly six years now.
    In that period of time, Saleem has
    made the company prosper from a very weak position
    we had suffered after the crash of 2008.
    And I have to say, in the 42 years
    that I have been in business, I have never,
    ever had a person as good as Saleem, ever.
    In all the employees I've had, I haven't
    anybody who's excelled the same way as he has.
    And I shudder to think what happens if we lose people
    like that in this country.
    Once the Article 322(5) is implied on migrants like me,
    the Home Office cancels the right of appeal.
    They also do not give you a right to work.
    My right to work has been cancelled.
    And for Connexion, it will be worse.
    Because they will close the business down.
    There will be a loss of 20 British jobs.
    There will be a major loss to the Exchequer,
    as we summit six-digit tax figures.
    So, of course, it will be a loss to the overall economy.
    This is a proof of [INAUDIBLE],, where the Home Office will
    do whatever they can to reject a migrant's application
    and deport him.
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