Sam Johnson The World In Our Hands

Sam Johnson The World In Our Hands
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    I'm Sam Johnson.
    I'm a mechanical engineering major,
    and this is why the world is in our hands.
    I've always been fascinated with planes,
    and it really did change and focus my major
    as I was going for my four years here.
    I am the president of the UMass Lowell
    chapter of the American Institute of Aeronautics
    and Astronautics.
    We are competing in this year's Design, Build, Fly competition,
    in which we design, build, and fly
    an RC aircraft against about 100 other schools
    from around the world.
    We're hoping to beat our previous year's 19th place
    finish overall and retake our crown of being the number one
    school without an aero program.
    The faculty here have really given me
    the education I've needed for these four years--
    not the one that I wanted, the one that I needed.
    Some of them were far nicer about it than others.
    When I wasn't doing so hot, they came in
    and said I will give you the extra help that you need.
    Then there were some other ones that
    gave me the kick in the pants that I needed.
    It's a very humbling experience.
    Being the AIAA president has given me quite an insight
    into a career path that I might want to get
    into more of leading people.
    I think the legacy of that we leave behind,
    it always builds into something more than we really were.
    It's exciting.
    It brings the sense of--
    I have an eagerness for 5 or 10 years
    to pass just so I can see more of a visual change
    in what has happened in the people that go here
    and the skill that this university will give them.
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