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    Good morning everyone and welcome to Rethink Education. Today in this
    beautiful venue you are surrounded by people from every walk of life in the
    greater Kansas City area: educators, business leaders, parents, students,
    community leaders and funders.
    The challenge is that the world we live in,
    the world our students live in and the one we see coming looks very different
    than the one we grew up in. We ask every person in our country to spend 13 years
    in a compulsory k-12 system. We spend about six trillion dollars during that
    13 years, and we hand something to them at the end that doesn't signify much
    regarding readiness for what's actually about to happen.
    We can fix that. WE can fix that.
    The current system really isn't working for many many young people, and
    we have to reimagine and think about what's the next iteration of education.
    If we really want young people to be prepared for this new economy, we really
    need to break out from the old mode.
    Everyone here in this conference is working to one goal, to rethink
    education on how it should be. I'd like to see personally a lot more
    project-based, learning from mistakes as opposed to learning how to do it and
    taking a test over it. That's not as important as it is to be real-world ready.
    We need to improve it so that kids are being engaged. They're getting up out of
    the classroom, out of the school around the city.
    I feel like you can't really be fully prepared to enter the workforce,
    you can't really have all the skills you
    need until you've had some sort of non-traditional education.
    I feel like I can branch out and create and do anything that I want.
    We can turn the world around and make a difference.
    Part of hosting a conference like this, and something I hope we do again, is to
    open a door pretty wide, as wide as Kansas City and say,
    "Hey, you're all welcome in this conversation" because this is about us as a region.
    It's about us as a city and that includes the big us.
    That's business that's education.
    That's community support. That's parents and families.
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