Purdue NOW commencement - Astronaut Drew Feustel receives honorary doctorate while on Space Station

Purdue NOW commencement - Astronaut Drew Feustel receives honorary doctorate while on Space Station
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    There are nearly 6,000 new graduates of Purdue's West Lafayette campus after six commencement
    ceremonies this past weekend.
    President Daniels spoke at the ceremonies and had a message to new graduates – beware
    of tribalism which promotes alienation and mistrust:
    "Here's why I'm still an optimist, and here's where you come in.
    In addition to all the professional and career achievements I know await you, and the great
    personal and family lives I expect you to build, Boilermakers as a group are exactly
    the kind of citizens this fractured, hostile, tribal country needs to heal and repair itself.
    The best way to do it is take a piece of Purdue with you."
    While the new graduates are over the moon, a par of Purdue alumni are a bit closer to
    the moon than the rest - The Friday evening ceremony reached new heights
    as astronaut Drew Feustel, a graduate of the college of science, received an honorary doctorate
    while orbiting Earth on the International Space Station.
    Fellow Boilermaker astronaut Scott Tingle did the hooding and as expected, zero gravity
    did make the moment unique and memorable.
    "I come from a long line of Boilermakers, dating back to my great uncle who graduated
    in 1905, followed by my father, uncle, wife and sister-in-law.
    For me, after community college there was no other choice but Purdue.
    the only university I applied to, hoping, and now knowing that that decision changed
    my life and set me on the path to the stars."
    For more on Feustel and the event that received coverage on CNN, FOX news and more than 180
    other media placements, click the link included with this video.
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