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Poldark, Season 4: First Look

Poldark, Season 4: First Look
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    ♪ I get lost in the dark ♪
    ♪ In the corners of my heart ♪
    - I must sell my soul
    and become a politician.
    - [Demelza] I think 'tis better if we do not meet at all.
    - Where is our compassion?
    - If I cannot be with you again,
    it will be the death of me.
    - You know there's nowhere like London
    for numbing the senses.
    - Ross Poldark had better look over his shoulder
    because I'm fast approaching his wake.
    ♪ I'm already gone ♪
    ♪ I'm already gone ♪
    ♪ Said I know oh yeah I'm moving on ♪