Patrice Olivar The World In Our Hands

Patrice Olivar The World In Our Hands
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    I'm Patrice Olivar, I'm an exercise physiology
    and psychology dual major, and this is
    why the world is in our hands.
    I have worked as a campus tour guide for two years,
    and from that, I've worked as a campus tour guide
    captain for two years after.
    One of the takeaway message that I really want
    students, and their families, to take away every time
    they give a tour, is that here in the university,
    you can make it your own.
    And we have the resources to help those students out
    in any way.
    I was very fortunate in that when signing up for classes
    and picking the classes, I was able to combine exercise
    physiology and psychology.
    My fall practicum site was in the fitness wellness center
    [? at ?] supportive living.
    I was fortunate enough to work with people
    with various acquired traumatic brain injuries.
    We were able to do fitness and rehab with them.
    The reason I chose to double major
    is because I wanted to provide a more holistic approach.
    I wanted to learn more, beyond just
    knowing how they got their injury,
    but I also, wanted to know more about how they felt
    while they got their injury.
    I think from the time I submitted my deposit,
    everything at UMass Lowell has surprised me.
    This was my last choice of all the universities
    that I had applied, to the point where my parents had to drag
    me to take a campus tour--
    which is ironic, now that I help oversee the campus tour
    And then, I came here.
    I took the classes.
    And I realized to myself, the classes are challenging to m
    and I'm in a good university that's only moving forward.
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