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    Building bridges and designing cars and that's what we may be traditionally think an engineer does
    But think it's really important to understand how broad engineering is and how many different career opportunities are out there?
    You wouldn't be able to use your cell phone today
    if it wasn't for engineering an MRI machine in a hospital was designed by an engineer so
    Everything that we hold dear in our lives that keeps us going today was all designed by an engineer
    It's a profession where you can be very creative and and you need to be very creative to come up with solutions
    It's that problem-solving aspect of it that is there regardless of what engineering discipline, you're talking about. It's so
    Multi-dimensional it does not happen in one stream these lots of interaction points with other disciplines
    It's also understanding really the ramifications of what we are doing who we are doing it for and
    Understanding what our greater role is in society?
    We have this ethical calling to make good decisions that make our communities prosper. It's a privilege to be an engineer
    It's a privilege to be in that situation where I get to create and people get to use my creation
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