Modern information technology for IAEA Safeguards in the 21st century

Modern information technology for IAEA Safeguards in the 21st century
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    The IAEA helps prevent the spread of nuclear weapons.
    Inspectors verify that nuclear material and technology around the world remain in peaceful activities.
    To meet increased demand for this safeguards work, the IAEA is upgrading its tools.
    Launched in 2015, the 41 million euro MOSAIC project
    employed 150 professionals over three years.
    It has produced over 20 unique software applications that make Safeguards more effective, efficient and secure.
    These new tools also aid communication and cooperation between the IAEA and its Member States.
    We have completely revamped our IT system to face the demands of the modern world.
    Our previous Safeguards IT system contained a lot of manual operations.
    We have enhanced our existing tools and introduced effective new tools.
    In 2017, the IAEA conducted over two thousand inspections worldwide.
    Thanks to MOSAIC, the process of planning, performing and reporting inspections is now quicker and easier to manage .
    We use the applications developed by MOSAIC to perform in-field activities and when we return from
    inspection, we evaluate the results and the findings will be used to draw safeguards conclusions.
    The IAEA is required to keep all documentation about its verification work.
    MOSAIC has helped digitize hundreds of thousands of these documents.
    Before MOSAIC, we used to have to go to the filing room for example, to
    retrieve past inspection reports. Now with MOSAIC it's like a one-stop service. You just click and you can get information, so it saves a lot of time.
    The information collected by the IAEA must be kept secure.
    MOSAIC ensures that all confidential information is highly protected.
    The volume and variety of formats in information technologies has increased as well as the challenges of cybersecurity.
    So there was definitely a need to modernize our IT
    and that is exactly what MOSAIC has done.
    We are now fully ready to meet the challenges of 21st century safeguards.
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