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Michigan's Best - Owosso
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    We're about to embark on a Michigan's Best Day in Owosso. A great day begins
    with donuts, after that we'll check out some burgers, as well. I might even have a
    heart attack, John. A pretty cool coffee place, a trendy place. That's right, it's one
    of the hippest coffee shops I've been to in a while, and we'll end the day at one
    of Michigan's Best: Michigan's Best fried chicken, all right here in Owosso, Michigan.
    When you come to spend the day in Owosso you want to start your day off
    right and that means heading directly to
    Lance's Bakery, one of your picks for the best donut in the state, right? Oh my gosh,
    they have some fantastic donuts here, but they are definitely one of the best in
    Michigan. They're known for this maple triangle. They've got tons of things to
    eat here at Lance's, let's check it out.
    Donut powers, activate! So, these are the famous maple triangles.
    They are. What makes these things so great, John? Well, the triangles, you're right, a top
    seller. But, also, I think their best donut. It's so fluffy and moist, yeah
    soak it all in there. That house-made cream filling is just so fluffy and- okay
    let's dive in.
    So, one of the things about Lance's that I love is that he's always willing to try
    new things as well as his traditional offerings and this is one of his newer
    ones, the salted caramel. Makes a perfect combo.
    Todd Sydow has owned Jumbo's for just a couple years , but the place has been a
    part of the community for quite a while, right Todd? It has since 1964. When I mentioned Owosso to
    people, one of the first things they said was you gotta go to Jumbo's. Why is that?
    Everybody you come to from Owosso, it's Owosso's meeting place. I'll
    meet you at Jumbo's, I'll meet you at Jumbo's. When Jumbo's was originally opened
    they only had the specialty burgers one day a week. Right. Now, we're doing
    seven days. Yeah. Seven days a week of crazy burgers.You have some wacky burgers on that menu.
    We do. The Heart Attack, I mean, that comes with your own paramedic. We decided to get some of the most
    popular items on the menu here at Jumbo's, including the Heart Attack and
    this bad boy sounds amazing. I know two-thirds of a pound burger
    there. There's bacon as well, but it's all nestled in between two cheese sandwiches
    What- the burger is really good. They're sourcing their meat from Michigan.
    They're obviously hand forming those patties cause it's kind of crumbly, it's very
    juicy. It's obviously high quality meat. Is your
    heart pounding? Palpitations. I'm getting them. From that. You know, Amy, I love the
    ambience and atmosphere here at Jumbo's. I do too it's both a restaurant and kind
    of a dive bar, yet everybody in town is here. Everybody's having a great time
    eating amazing food and loving Jumbo's Burger Bar.
    Foster Coffee Company has been a part of the downtown scene in Owosso since 2015.
    Located in a remodeled century-old building this place brings a hip, urban
    vibe to your coffee drinking. They are roasting their own beans right here in
    the basement for a perfect cup of coffee every time. Try their signature White
    Bucket Blend. Or, get my favorite, the cute and neat Cortado. Fosters is a great
    pick-me-up any time of the day.
    For dinner, we recommend Lula's Louisiana Cook House, right here in downtown Owosso.
    We sure do recommend it.
    Why do we recommend it? Because it's what? Home to Michigan's Best fried chicken.
    This is the best fried chicken we tried all over the state of Michigan. Amy what did
    you love most about the fried chicken? I really loved the secret spice blend that owner
    John worked for years on to perfect. Well, the chicken is extra crispy, super juicy,
    and incredibly flavorful. I agree, but what put it over the top for
    me was the little bacon gravy thing he put on it. The bacon cream gravy. Because everything is
    better with bacon. It really was one of my favorite dishes I've ever had in my
    entire life. You know, next door they're doing something pretty cool and I can't
    believe it's happening in downtown Owosso. It's connected to Lula's, it's
    called Lily Pearls Lounge and over there you can get artisanal cocktails, beer, wine.
    You can listen to great music Thursday, Friday, Saturday nights and Sunday for
    brunch. Their menu is impressive. Dude, as a chef I am blown away by the stuff
    they're putting out of that little kitchen here at Lula's. They have
    everything here. It's all kind of Cajun and Creole influenced. Everything here is
    delicious at Lula's. Okay, here it is, Michigan's Best fried
    chicken. Does it live up to the hype? It will.
    Just as delicious is always, perfect spice blend, crispy, juicy. So moist and so good.
    So, I'm with Lula's owner John Beilfuss. He and his wife Morgan own this
    incredible place. John, what's life been like since you
    were declared Michigan's best fried chicken. Awesome, since you walked out the
    door of the day of the award, we have sold fifty eight thousand four
    hundred and forty four pieces of chicken and it's just been awesome.
    Tell me about Lily Pearl's real quick. We opened that in May as an expansion of
    Lula's and approached it with the same as we approached the kitchen. Everything
    has to be made from scratch, and Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights we
    have live jazz and the jazz community has just responded unbelievably. Speaking
    of community as a whole, what can you tell me about Owosso and the
    people here? It's a charming small town and everybody helps each other out. All
    the local businesses, you may have noticed today, we're all on the same team.
    We support each other. Just a wonderful place to live.
    Oh my god John, I am stuffed from Michigan's the best doughnut to
    Michigan's Best fried chicken, that's how you do a Michigan's best day in Owosso.
    For more information about Michigan's Best go to MLive.com.
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