Meet The Class of 2018

Meet The Class of 2018
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    My name is Fabian Dohmann,
    Linda Yoo
    Lawrence Garvin
    Terry Orr
    Amanda Meriwether
    Rakiya Cunningham
    Jacob Van Geffen
    I am Maria Alvarez and I'm a 2018
    2018 UT graduate.
    One of the main reasons why I came to UT because I wanted the opportunity to do
    engineering and liberal arts.
    A liberal arts education from UT
    can add a great deal to a person's life.
    I know who I am and who I want to be in the world, so I think that UT has really given
    me an opportunity to figure that out.
    UT really squeezed out the best version of myself
    with UT one thing it helped me do was
    zoom out and look at the big picture of a lot of things.
    Whatever you do here can really go on and be like these huge things.
    I definitely wouldn't be the person that I am right now without all the people that I met at UT.
    If anything UT has taught me that like you have to continue growing in order to reach
    what you want.
    I feel like a complete a professional right now that has been inspired by the university.
    What does this outfit mean to you?
    Pride that I've been here for five years.
    I got my two degrees
    I've learned so much.
    It feels exciting, great.
    I mean, I feel really proud.
    It's a bit emotional.I didn't think I would come to college and be able to accomplish all these things.
    My parents work so hard to give me this opportunity and not everybody gets it.
    Life is good.
    It's time.
    I'm going to be wearing this robe in the future.
    I can put it on and my grandkids will have to mind me.
    is that it? Okay.
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