Mahathir: 'The machinery of government has been corrupted'

Mahathir: 'The machinery of government has been corrupted'
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    There are so many things to do, so many wrong things
    to be corrected.
    And the worst part of it is that the machinery of government
    has been corrupted, and we have to rely
    on that corrupt machinery, because we
    can't dismiss everybody.
    We have to work with them.
    We need to do away with some of the unnecessary projects.
    For example, the high speed rail,
    which is going to cost us 110 billion
    ringgit, and we'll not earn us a single cent
    that will be dropped.
    And there are many other agencies set up
    by the government meant mainly in order
    to support the government politically.
    These agencies will be closed down.
    Before China claim the South China Sea,
    I was very supportive of China.
    I pointed out to a lot of people,
    including the Japanese, that we knew
    the Chinese for more than 2,000 years, they never conquered us.
    We came into contact with the Europeans in 1509.
    Two years later, they conquered us.
    So we keep on telling people that we
    are more afraid of the Europeans than of the Chinese.
    But of course, the China of today is a very powerful China.
    The second most powerful economy in the world.
    And I'm quite sure it will have a lot of ambitions,
    but I don't think it will extend to conquering countries.
    Denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula.
    It would be a great thing for North Korea.
    It would be a great thing for South Korea.
    I have no plans, at this moment, because I'm still uncertain as
    to his way of doing things.
    He changes his mind so quickly, and then reverses it.
    For example, he wants to meet the president of North Korea,
    then he doesn't want to meet, and now
    he's saying that maybe this is going to happen.
    I don't know how to work with a person who
    changes his mind overnight.
    When I was in power, I was not authoritarian.
    That is a label given to me by my opponents,
    and I accepted that, because all opponents
    must demonise their opponents.
    So they say that, but please remember
    that, when I was prime minister, I
    led five elections in which I won
    very comfortably, 2/3 majority.
    If I am so bad, I would have suffered the same thing
    that Najib suffered.
    Why did he lose?
    Because the people reject him.
    If he had been like me, he should
    have got to a 2/3 majority.
    So there is no similarity at all between him
    and me, under the same laws.
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