Letitia Wright Finds Out Which Black Panther Lady She Is

Letitia Wright Finds Out Which Black Panther Lady She Is
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    - I wanna take a picture of this, yeah boy!
    ^Hey. I'm Letitia Wright,
    ^and today I'm gonna find out which Black Panther lady I am.
    I better be Shuri.
    What do you value most in your friends?
    Kindness, loyalty, smarts, humor.
    It's between kindness and loyalty.
    I only have to pick one, right?
    Choose a Black Panther guy to be your sidekick.
    Pick a superhero ability.
    Super strength, teleportation, invincibility.
    The mind stuff.
    Which technology is the coolest?
    You're gonna put Iron Man's technology next to Wakandan?
    I need to teach you guys.
    ^An armored car you can control remotely from anywhere.
    Not even gonna look at the rest.
    What scares you the most?
    ^Getting old, dumb people, that's so rude,
    ^failure, darkness.
    ^I think failure scares me the most.
    Pick a Marvel Universe location to live in.
    ^guess what I've got.
    ^I'm Shuri.
    I'm so happy, thank you Lord.
    Okay, so it says everyone has a Black Panther lady
    who matches their personality, here's yours.
    You got Shuri, yes.
    You're highly intelligent,
    and you are often the one who people come to for answers
    or help with their problems.
    Some may say you come off as aloof.
    You're just like that because
    you don't have time for nonsense.
    Exactly, exactly.
    You're too busy creating, and being brilliant in general,
    hey, a tight-knit group of friends.
    I do, I keep a tight-knit group of friends,
    and consider yourself very close to your family.
    This is actually me, this is actually scary.
    Yeah, I'm Shuri, yes!
    I'm actually happy 'cause if I was someone else,
    I would kind of throw your computer away down there.
    I'mma show you, I wanna take a picture of this, yeah boy.
    Guys, this means that I'm,
    Marvel, hire me next time.
    (African music)
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