Leadership lived: Navie Fields

Leadership lived: Navie Fields
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    My name is Navie Fields.
    I am a business administration major and a sports management minor and I'm a junior currently
    at the university.
    Here on campus, I'm involved in the Black Male Collegiate Society.
    I'm currently the president.
    I'm the secretary of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc.
    Upsilon Xi Chapter.
    I'm a student orientation coordinator, as well as a member of the Necessary Steps Mentoring
    I feel like there's so much potential in this group.
    Today, we're actually just going to have a meeting, a wrap up of the year.
    It's been a great year and we've done some great events, had some great work done as
    black males on campus.
    Throughout the year, we do volunteer work.
    We do Big Brother Big Sister over at Matheny-Withrow Elementary School and we go there every other
    Friday and we mentor young black men.
    When we go there, I have a little, his name is Joseph.
    Joseph, he's very, very, very, very active and very, very excited anytime we come.
    Personally, it's a big thing for me because I didn't have that growing up when I was a
    I didn't have black men in my community to actually look up to, so it's very big for
    me to go and be able to reach another young man. It just make sure he knows there's somebody
    out there that wants him to succeed.
    I'm originally from Chicago.
    I attended high school at Evanston Township High School.
    When I first came to college, I wasn't really seeking out any leadership opportunities.
    After I had seen so much leadership and had been mentored by so many people, so many great
    people, I felt like it was my time to step up and do the same thing.
    I was gasping for air at that fact that I could become a mentor and do the same thing
    for someone else, so those are the things that I live for, the fact that I made someone
    smile or made someone feel as if they can when they think that they can't.
    After I graduate, I plan to go get my master's.
    I want to pursue a master's in human resources, so I want to become a working man in HR.
    UIS has taught me that activity leads to success.
    If you're as active as possible on a college campus, you can navigate yourself anywhere
    in the world and I think that's the biggest thing that I've learned here at UIS and that's
    what's pushing me to become a leader and me wanting to become a leader. I'm not perfect, but
    I know that there's things that I do that other people want to do as well and I know
    how much of an impact I could possibly have on another person, so I want to continue to
    be great, so they know that they can be great as well.
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