I FEEL BAD | Official Trailer | NBC Fall Shows 2018

I FEEL BAD | Official Trailer | NBC Fall Shows 2018
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    -Here's what every woman knows.
    We feel bad about something every day.
    Like, sometimes, I cheat on my husband in my sleep.
    -You had that dream again, didn't you?
    -♪ All right ♪
    ♪ Let me introduce...me ♪
    -Every morning is totally nuts around here.
    -Mama's getting off to work.
    Fancy career lady abandoning her kids.
    -I am so sorry we can't afford a stranger to take care of you.
    I never know what I'll feel bad about,
    but I know it's always just around the corner.
    Oh, God, are we wearing the same jean jacket?
    -Ah! -Ah!
    I'm sorry!
    I-I-I thought you were your mother.
    -You remind me of her sometimes, just in how you look and sound
    and act and the way you carry your weight.
    -And there it is.
    So, I just need you guys to be really honest with me, okay?
    Just tell me the truth.
    I'm still doable, right?
    -I'm a yes.
    -We'd all do you.
    -Interesting! Okay! Please continue.
    -It's like pizza.
    Even if it's not the greatest pizza,
    some pizza's better than no pizza.
    -It's more like older sofa pizza that has three kids at home.
    -Is it just me, or does pizza sound really good right now?
    -My friends and I are gonna do dance.
    -I don't like dancing these days -- all that gyrating.
    Let's go before this creeps into your long-term memory -- go!
    You are telling Lily that she cannot be on the dance team.
    -It was pretty antifeminist
    to refuse the lady the dignity of her choice to dance.
    -Norman, I usually love discussing the finer points
    of feminism with you,
    but you're, uh, stepping on a giant boob.
    Oh, my God! Is he motorboating her?!
    When did kids dancing become all
    "Oh, here, here are my legs, wide open"?!
    -My shoe bounced right off his six-pack.
    God, he's strong.
    -♪ You like it when I oh-oh-oh ♪
    -I don't look like my mom yet.
    -All right, baby, we got to go.
    -This is the worst day of my life.
    -What's wrong with you men?
    -♪ Oh-oh-oh, oh-oh oh-oh-oh-oh ♪
    ♪ Oh-oh ♪
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